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How to increase Engagement Rate of your Instagram account

The introduction of the algorithmic tape seriously affected the reach and involvement of many users in the Instagram. Even the big bloggers complain that the posts began to collect far fewer likes and comments than before. Now Instagram has complex algorithms for forming the newsfeed, and Facebook does not share the principles of their work. And yet, market experts calculate algorithms based on their own experience or from a few tips provided by Facebook.

What is Engagement Rate, and why is it so important?

Engagement rate (ER) is a very popular topic for discussion in the recent years. Options for measuring it can be a mass, and everything depends only on your imagination. The most popular version of counting ER per post is the average involvement per publication.

How to sell on Instagram?

Many people ask us how to write texts for Instagram. From our experience different social networks have significant differences in writing texts and obey different rules. But of course, there are general patterns, for the reason that the goal is common – to get maximal reach and revenues. Take time to look through this article, and learn how to copywrite for SMM or how to write articles on social networks, so that your account is on top, and gets maximal amount of positive comments on it.

Up-to-date advices for successful Instagram promotion

We’ve created a list of a few tips which will help you to boost your instagram account, find new clients, and to increase your revenues. Make use of them 0 and your Instagram will work for you!

Instagram Stories as an effective business tool

Among the formats available on Instagram, Stories take their special slot. Every day, 200 million users deal with stories: they shoot videos, upload photos, browse the stories of friends and popular brands. Around one third of the most popular stories are published by brand accounts, and 70% of users are subscribed to at least one company account.

Checklist for successful Instagram promotion on Instagram

This article is primarily designed for those who have their own small or bigger businesses, but it's also nice for those who want to promote their brand by themselves. Of course, there are many SMM tools which one has to remember about while promoting, but one of the main principles is being regular. One can perform many steps on promotion, but after a short break all the spent time and budget may go in vain, that's why the main principle of becoming successful is making a strong habit of working on your accont and its content regularly.

What Instagram has Reserved for Business in 2018?

The year is almost over, and it’s time not only to look back at what has already been done, but also to make a guess as for trends waiting for us in the upcoming year. For example, what Instagram proposes for business in 2018? It is hard to forecast such things, but taking into account what has been happening this year, one can come to certain conclusions. Let us check it in more detail.

Instagram promotion Myths

Social networks have their own life cycles and peaks of popularity. In the recent years close attention of bloggers, SMM-users, and their clients is turned to Instagram, which has suddenly turned from a photo sharing application into a popular blog platform for many. Not having an account on Instagram has somehow become insolent.

Why can Instagram subscribers kill your account?

Why should you be careful trying to increase the amount of subscribers? First of all, you may simply be banned. If thousands of subscribers start following a young account at the same time, Instagram's algorithms begin to suspect you in cheating, and the profile may get blocked blocked. Usually it is irrevocable.

Purposes of Instagram promotion campaigns

There is no universal instruction on how to promote an account and there cannot be any. But there are general recommendations, which are derivatives of long observations of market leaders and recommended literature in the sphere. The following recommendations are written for advertising on the Instagram, but they can be also found relevant for any sorts of advertising activities.

What is a good advertising post on Instagram

The introduction of advertising on Instagram occurs gradually - so that both users are accustomed, and the brands understand what exactly their potential audience wants to see. For example (and it was launched now in test format), commercial posts are available to a limited number of brands that are already well-known in social networks.

Why to choose a business account?

Many business owners are just beginning to move to Instagram, wondering how to promote their product, service, business? Should I start a business account or personal account in Instagram? Let's look at this issue together.

How to build a successful selling webpage on Instagram?

Despite a large number of conversations about sales in Instagram, not everyone who decided to promote their business through this social network can sell. And for what reason. The point is to sell in Instagram, you need to sell! That is, write selling posts in Instagram. And to write selling posts, you need to assemble an audience. And to effectively collect the audience, you must first prepare an account. Thus, we deduce the sales formula in Instagtam: the audience + selling posts = sales. On this one could finish the article, but not everything is so simple. About this and talk!

Instagram ideas to start a business

The fact that Instagram is a social network not only for teenagers, but for entrepreneurs, is undoubtful. For quite long Instagram won its audience, and in 2014 there was a massive boom on Instagram, when articles and studies on sales in this social network began to appear. Gradually, administrators of other social networks migrated to Instagram, not forgetting to bring their own promotion methods with them.

Ultimate Marketing guide for Instagram promotion

instagram-on-phone Instagram is a network designed for youngsters – its main auditorium are users aged 18-29, and more than half of them check for updates at least once a day. Remember with the opportunity to communicate with subscribers on the go – and here you get an ideal platform for business among all social media in the era of smartphones.

Instagram limits for business promotion

The functional capabilities of Instagram are greatly cut: you can insert an active link at your profile only once. All the discussions of the product are supposed to happen in comments under photos. There is no possibility to insert the link under each photo in the profile – such links aren’t clickable, means, they are useless. Hence, you as an owner of business account are supposed to write “Visit my profile with an active link to my website or write me a personal message”. News about what your friends like exist, but not all users even know where to find and how to use them. Reposts are possible, but only through certain applications, and most people don’t really envy to get bothered with them.

Promotion on Instagram for photographers

From the very start, the main aim of Instagram was to show photos that tell your followers about your life. In a while texts have become as important as images. It’s not surprising that photos on Instagram are shoot not only by professional phonographs, but also amateurs. Not every business is able to promote its products through this social network, but for photographers it’s a golden chance to make their voice heard. Why?

How to Fail your Instagram Promotion Campaign?

In order to avoid promotion fails on Instagram, everyone who deals with sells, should know some typical mistakes that lead to losses or don’t let you get a deserved profit. Here are the most common ones.

Features provided for business accounts on Instagram

If you want to use your Instagram account for business purposes, don’t forget to choose a right type of account, for:
  • Business accounts on Instagram reveal new possibilities for Internet shops.
  • Wide statistics by accounts and subscribers;
  • Convenient ways to contact your clients;
  • Promotion of publications straight through Instagram application.

Tips on Security of different types of Instagram accounts

Cases of scheme artists stealing Instagram accounts are not that rare in the recent years. If your account gets stolen, it might become a huge problem to return it back, so in this article we’ve decided to share some security tips, which will help you to keep your account (and your business!) safe.

Name, title, Description in Instagram promotion

Account design

Develop your account design in such a manner, so that the users get immediate answer to the question what and how you propose. For this, pay attention to three main elements:

Aims of Instagram promotion

The work with Instagram account must start not with the first post or photo session, but with developing promotion strategy.

Ways to promote your account on Instagram

Before March 15, 2016 everything was made easy on the Instagram feed – the posts were displayed according to the time of their publication.

How not to get blocked on Instagram?

You need to know the rules. Blocking on Instagram is not a myth. If it happens in the middle of active actions on your account and other business processes, it’s going to be a sad story, as all of the measures you’ve taken or even paid for may go in vain.

Instagram Stories For Account Promotion

Remember the scheme: you regularly publish Instagram stories, the stories get subscribers’ reactions, after this Instagram takes it into account - and promotes the publications in the newsfeed, which in its turn leads to the growth of account’s ER and the growth of target organic traffic.

4 things you should NEVER do in your business Instagram account

1. Ignoring hashtags ruins your chances of building a business on Instagram

There is a popular idea that a post with a large number of hashtags looks spammy. But (go check it out!) your competitors are doing it! And instagrammers search for products using hashtags. Why would you miss such a simple chance to make a photo more visible and get new followers? That is definitely one of the worst tips for using Instagram for business you can find.

4 things that are warding people away from your business Instagram account

1. Closed account

A reliable way to ruin the advancement of an Instagram business is to close the account by setting it to private. Do not get me wrong - in your personal account you have the right to choose whether you want to show your photos to the whole world or only to personally approved people, but your company account should never be set to ”Private”.

Useful Instagram marketing tips for gyms and trainers

Whether you’re a gym owner or a personal trainer, there are good and bad news for you. On one hand, if you utilize some useful marketing tips for personal trainers, you will never run out of clients, at least not until somebody finally invents a way to become instantly fit and remain this way. On the other hand, the “middle class” of fitness is getting smaller by day, with groups of the population who are overweight and don’t work out and groups that are very physically active already growing tremendously. This means that your chances of getting new clients are getting smaller, and having a successful marketing strategy that helps you get new clients as well as retain existing ones is more important than ever.

Tips for picking the best day to post on Instagram

Not so long ago Instagram changed the way it determines in what order to display the posts in your timeline. It used to be simple - the posts that were uploaded most recently would display first. However, now the algorithm is more complicated, it uses not only the time a post was published, but also how you interact with the app, how you respond to different types of content, etc. to determine the order, which means that choosing the best time for posting on Instagram has never been so important. Why? Because the photos that gain more likes and comments in the first minutes after the publication will stay in the top part of your subscribers’ feed longer. It works similar to Facebook: choose the correct publication time, get a couple of likes in the first couple of minutes, and it will increase your coverage by 2-3 times.

Tips for taking photos for a business Instagram account

I have a friend that bakes cakes. They are absolutely fantastic, I must say. Recently, having ordered from her one, I spent 20 minutes to put it nicely and take a picture before cutting it up and eating. And then it turned out that my photos, which were made in a hurry are much better than those made by the baker for her Instagram account for business. Then I promised her to write this article.

Why are we aren't responsible for comments that Leogram places

Here is an example. You just registered with Leogram and decided to start by commenting. You indicated the comments that Leogram should post, and launched the promotion. At first everything was fine, but then you saw that Leogram left a comment, for example, "awesome", under prohibited material.

4 tips on how to run a successful Facebook competition

You’ve probably noticed a huge number of contests happening of Facebook and Instagram lately, but did you ever think that you might need to join in? It seems like a pretty decent idea, but where do you start, how do you pick a gift and how do you make sure that you’ll get the most of it without spending too much money? We’re here to answer these questions and to give you sort of a ‘Facebook contest how to’.

4 tips for using gift cards for business promotions

Gift cards are great to use as prizes in social media giveaways and contests because they give people a chance to try your product, bring additional revenue and increase brand awareness. A recent study shows that 72 percent of customers end up paying more than the gift card amount, with the average purchase being 20 percent more expensive than the value of the gift card, so good gift card advertising ideas can really help your business bloom. Plus, people are much more likely to buy a product full price if they are paying with a gift card. Here are 4 gift certificate promotion ideas:

5 ideas for saying “Thank you for the likes” on Facebook

People love to feel appreciated, so even though it’s not Thanksgiving yet, you might want to consider saying “Thank you everyone for the likes” to your loyal followers. Here are some ideas for this:

Personality quiz ideas and tips for promoting your business

Which vegetable are you? What country is perfect for you? Which car best matches your personality? The internet is full of personality quizzes that were first popularized on Buzzfeed, and their number is growing every day. Everyone loves a good magazine personality quiz, so why don’t you use this idea to increase your following and bring additional attention to your brand?

Photo campaign with hashtags as a way to increase brand awareness

One of the most popular promotion techniques is photo contest creation. It’s easy to post a picture, and it’s easy to hash tag image, plus, the possibility of winning is exciting, so you can expect many followers to participate. So if you’re still wondering how to run a photo competition on Facebook, here are our best tips for this marketing idea:

5 mistakes in promoting brand on Instagram

Instagram has the benefit of simplicity and thereby attracts a lot of advertisers.  It is easy to find a blogger for cooperation here. And it is easy to agree on ad post with some celebrities. The information about the number of followers is also available in Instagram. Besides, until recently, this site was famous for its top post reach. But after launching of feed ranking as it was done in Facebook, everything has changed. And finally easy integration also attracts visitors in Instagram. It is much easier to post photo than to order some video from YouTube blogger.

Methods for marketing your brand on the Instagram

Once you’ve defined your strategy, content, and other basic moments, you get a logical question – what do I need to do with my account so that someone notices it? It’s hard to estimate the effectiveness of Instagram advertisements at the moment, but there are accounts with millions of subscribers, who have reached such number with no paid advertisement. How has it happened?

How to lead your brand account on Instagram

The main peculiarity of instagram is that people come here just for a lovely content, which will please their eye, whereas other social networks cover several purposes at the same time: communication, entertainment, getting information (for example, getting advices from their friends what pen to get as a present). However, for brand promotion you are supposed to do anything, but giving that tasty picture to a subscriber is a must. Here are a few instruments to help you do it.

Instagram as an instrument of brand promotion

What is Instargam and why it is interesting?

Instagram success only proves the hypothesis that separating brands by niches is the future of social media marketing. As Western market specialists have warned us a while back, social networks start separating not only by the types of users (like LinkedIn – for professional contacts). But also by the type of content, for example, like visual networks like Pinterest and Instagram. By the way, they both include only graphic content, but Instagram has become a real success story among these two.

How to make audience interested in your Instagram account?

Work with a thought of your potential subscribers in mind

After having found appropriate people, try to attract their attention. They will entre your profile, become interested with the perfect feed, and will enter the rows of your new subscribers. There are three ways to tell about yourself: likes, following, and comments.

Digital and social media marketing with Instagram

Let’s admit, Instagram service becomes interesting once it startshaving more followers. But major part of users who have just created their new accounts, do not have a large auditorium from the start. In this article we will talk about attracting audience to your instagram account.

How to do social media marketing and branding

We’ve focused on writing this article to help you market your own brand with a help of conventional social marketing tools. Multiple research indicate that the temps of development of social networks and media resourses can be easily compared with the speed of light (kidding). Millions of Tweets daily, dozens and hundreds of millions of photos on Instagram and Facebook monthly. Noticing how social media resources concur Internet daily, one can come to a conclusion that in some sensible time their development will become even more rapid. Here are some recommendations for your successful social media brand marketing from Leogram specialists.

How to use instagram for business promotion. Practical guide

Instagram is one of the most perspective social platforms for business promotion. First of all, the popularity of this network is constantly increasing. Along with this, Instagram users show their involvement in interaction with each other and other brands. Secondly, Instagram allows publishing and getting acquainted with visual content, which is dozens times better in sense of attractiveness compared with text content. If to add the possibility to use it through any type of mobile gadgets, it turns out to be next to ideal platform for any contemporary citizen, who lives at a fast temp. Thirdly, in comparison with other traditional social networks, platforms for sharing visual content are successful at immediate generating of conversions.

Does one need to buy real instagram likes?

So you have created an account, you know how to make nice pictures and you post them regularly, but at the moment you have only friends among your followers? Here is the question. How to buy real or automatic instagram likes, and is it a solution for your instagram account to help you build its good name?

Effective strategies to gain likes on Instagram

It isn’t obligatory to pay for instagram followers. On the other hand, if you want to build your base of subscribers for free, you’ll have to do the following tricks, such as frequent posting, communication with other users, and providing unique diverse content. Adding tags to the messages and linking your accounts in other social networks to your instagram account will also help you to build the followers.

How to get local instagram followers for your account?

There are many companies which propose getting instagram followers for your account rapidly and effectively. In this article we will describe how to do it with no hurry and keeping high quality of your subscribers.

Promotion is running, but your followers are leaving. Why?

Leogram likes, comments and follows, but the number of your followers decreases. That's what the reasons may be.

Everything about boost of Instagram followers

Social networks for business

Today we can`t imagine our everyday life without social networks. We can use them to keep in touch with each other, for fun and even to promote our business. It is also almost impossible to imagine someone very popular and successful without a profile on Instagram with millions of followers. This network can help you promote and develop your own business, because it offers you a huge audience. There are millions and millions of users on Instagram and a big number of them can become your clients.

Your blog on Instagram

Why do social networks have such a big popularity?

At first, almost all social networks have become very important for us and our communication; secondly, they make our life more convenient and interesting, so we can`t imagine ourselves without them.

The best email marketing

The great role of Internet in our life

Surely everyone can notice that Internet and almost all modern social networks have become something like an inseparable part of us and our life. Today every person would like to have really good house, car and work – to be successful. It is very hard for some «newborn» agencies and campaigns to attract a huge audience and interest for their production in a very rapid way. But nobody said that it is impossible. Today we can use Internet and networks only for fun, we also can promote our business.

The best Instagram ads

Instagram`s wide popularity nowadays

The popularity of some internet networks greatly increased nowadays. With the help of such networks as Instagram all of us have a convenient opportunity not only to keep in touch with each other all the time, but also to share all our personal information: photos, posts, stories, videos and so on. We want to become interesting and successful people, and today this network can help us. If you are thinking about the promotion of your own production, Instagram is one of the best places for doing this.

How to use business accounts on Instagram?

The biggest advantage that will help you to promote your business in this network is a huge audience. Instagram is very popular now and you can find here thousands and hundreds of thousand profiles of people from different countries. A great part of them can become followers for your account and clients of your production. It is really convenient for all kinds of companies and businesses.

The best place to buy Instagram followers

Modern world and the role of social networks in it

We are the members of the big, modern and constantly developing society. We try to do our best to become more and more successful, and because of this, we need to keep in touch with each other. Obviously, today all of social networks play a great role in everyone's life.

Advertising on Instagram and its cost

Have you noticed that modern social networks became fully inseparable from us and our life? As we are members of a modern and developed society we try to do our best to become more and more successful. We should only understand – for being a successful person we can use different ways and methods, and even social networks. Such social network as Instagram is suitable not only for fun, sharing posts, photos and location, but also for work and for promotion of your own business.

Media marketing in social networks

Now we can`t even imagine our life without social networks. We should always stay in touch with each other; we want to share our photos, videos and some private information with our friends. So, today social networks are really important for all of us. Additionally, these networks are highly required not only for our private life or fun, but also for work and business. Today you can find a lot of different social media marketing companies, which can help you to promote your business account. But don`t trust all of them, sometimes it is very difficult to find a real professional who can help you with such a promotion. Instagram is one of the biggest and the most popular network.

How to promote your clothing brand on Instagram?

Our society is designed for people to always stay in touch with each other. So now we almost can't do without social networking. Modern social network are connected not only with our private life, but also with our daily work and business. Instagram is one of the most popular network in our days, it`s on the top of all popularity of networks. You can find here not only a big number of private accounts, but also some instagram clothing websites, or accounts about proper nutrition and sport. If you are interesting in promotion clothes on Instagram you should ask for help to Leogram. Only thanks to it you will have the opportunity to buy as many real followers for your business account as possible. The selling of clothes in Instagram can be successful, because each of your new followers can become your client. It`s very important for different kinds of business. Only imagine how many users are there in Instagram – millions and millions of people. And thanks to Leogram a big part of this number can become your followers.

How to get real followers for your Instagram account?

We live in a modern and developed society, and of course, any of us tries to be more successful. In recent times popularity of some internet networks greatly increased. Today we can use them not only for communication and sharing photos and videos, but they are really helpful for work and business. How does it work? Only imagine some «newborn» company, the founders of which want to attract attention and interest of many people. With such networks like Instagram it`s more easier to do this. Some people still have the only one question – «Can I have a personal and business Instagram account?». And the answer is – «Why not? Of course you can do this».

Instagram can be a powerful tool for business promotion

Every business needs advertising. Nowadays the power of social networks can’t be underestimated. Social media marketing is developing very rapidly day after day, helping to put sales rate higher. Instagram is considered to be the most popular and convenient social networks, that’s why people often ask a question “What to post on Instagram for business?” The fresh and corresponding information concerning your products is the only demand. Interesting and meaningful content together with high-quality photos make the perfect advertisement for every good or service. Leogram team, in its turn, will help you to make your Instagram profile popular, attract more potential clients to estimate your offers, and make the target audience buy your products or turn to your services. We provide likes from real people, who will be actually interested in your profile – people, who visit your page are directed according to their own interests metioned in the profile and photos published.

The power of hashtag for promotion on Instagram

Instagram hashtags for business

They are proven to be a significant power to attract namely your future users. When you write a meaningful and catchy one, which will squarely correspond with whatever you offer, then your target audience can effortlessly find it in your profile. Leogram team knows perfectly well how to make use of this tool, as well as many others, in order to promote your business-profile. If one knows, how to deal with hashtag as an author or as a profile reader, and how to force it to work for you – it will become your perfect assistant. There is an interesting statistics from another social network – only every fourth twit contains any hashtags, and that very twits get a good half of the users’ attention.

How to develop a new Instagram account for business

New accounts for business always face the problem of the lack of subscribers. In this article we will talk about giveaways, which are very popular means of increasing the popularity of your page!

Live communication. Effective way of marketing your business on Instagram

If your internet-shop doesn’t have enough subscribers (or, in other words, potential buyers), it is a useless internet-shop. Of course, you can subscribe for your friends and relatives, but here the resource ends with it. What to do next and how to increase the amount of Instagram followers? Here is a set of methods for marketing your online business

Is building followers on Instagram an easy process?

New algorithms of newsfeed formation filter accounts, which are not popular among the subscribers with no mercy! Still, there is a way to increase the interest of your followers on Instagram!

How to get paid to advertise on Instagram

If you’ve got a couple hundred or even thousand followers on Instagram, you’ve definitely caught yourself wondering how you can make money using that. A lot of people with relatively popular accounts make thousands of dollars every month on posting sponsored content and through affiliate programs of different brands, and the best thing, you don’t even need to have that many followers to get started. So how do you get paid to promote on Instagram for the first time?

How to set up an account for business on Instagram

If you set up an Instagram business account and manage to make it successful, you will always be ahead of your competitors. Every day thousands of new people join this social network, recent data shows that people under thirty on average spend over an hour a day browsing photos and videos using the app. No matter how good or bad your company is doing at the moment, you can’t keep putting it off the day you make a business page on Instagram. So here is a simple tutorial on how to set up an Instagram account and turn it into a page for business.

5 Instagram marketing ideas to help you grow followers

Make use of brand-specific hashtags for marketing with Instagram

Probably all of us know how important it is to use hashtags under every post. They help people to find your account by performing a hashtag search. This is particularly useful if you are selling a product. For example, if you’re selling cakes, include hashtags that use the words “cake”, “for sale”, “homemade” and your location. To actually build your brand and make it recognizable, come up with a unique hashtag to use for your company’s marketing through Instagram. A great way to make that hashtag more popular and to get followers to use it is to set up a hashtag contest. Once your followers start using your brand-specific hashtags, make it a habit to check whether anyone has used your hashtag, and if they have - respond to the post or comment right away, no matter whether it’s a concern, a glowing review or even an angry complaint.

3 useful tips on how to start an Instagram business

Perhaps every person out there has thought at least once in their life about starting a business on Instagram and becoming a social media celebrity. After all, most of us browse Instagram every day, taking aesthetic pleasure in beautiful pictures and dreaming of a life as stylish and seemingly carefree as that of lifestyle Instagram celebrities. Below you will find an Instagram strategy for building a business on the social platform from scratch.

An easy guide to sponsoring a post on Instagram

To create sponsored content on Instagram you need to use your business’ Facebook page. First of all, create a Business Manager account by going to and filling out all of the fields. Then you need to connect your Instagram account to the Business Manager. Open the Manager, tap the Business Setting button and select Instagram Accounts, then press Claim New Instagram Account. Enter the user name, and save the changes.

Step 1. Account adding

You have already registered; now connect your account to the service. This can be done in the profile section. Please enter a valid username and password from your account.

Step 2. Targeting setup

Leogram looks for publications in the social network and performs actions. Publications are posts, photos or videos. Actions are likes, comments, follows and unfollows. It is necessary to specify exactly how Leogram should look for such publications – by location, hashtags or followers of competitive Instagram profiles.

Step 3. Actions

The service knows how to like, comment, follow and unfollow. Select the actions that you need.

Step 4. Filters

Leogram is already working, liking, commenting, etc. Everything is cool, but sometimes you get accounts which sell something like you, or accounts of users who do not speak English. To prohibit Leogram to work with such accounts, configure filters.

Step 5. Account management

You can promote several accounts in one personal account. There is no need to register several times and switch between accouts.

How to boost your likes on Instagram?

If someone told us just a few years back that in the 21st century lamps, electric ovens, fridges, and doorbells would work through Wi-Fi, they would think we’ve gone crazy, but nowadays these are realities, and no one would even think it’s wrong if ‘girls’ dresses’, ‘steel pans’, and ‘posh sunglasses’ have their pages in popular networks. No matter if it’s a private or business page, accounts where posts get thousands of likes look impressive, and surely boost sales and promote the ideas of their owners.

Useful ideas for Instagram brand promotion

The amount of Instagram users reaches record values, and billions of new likes appear in it every hour. Once you work with the service correctly, you will get rapid promotion of your brand. But if you make a mistake, the failure is inevitable. Here are some useful advices to those who have just started building their brand.

How to improve account security in Instagram: practical tips

Connect the account to your facebook account Link the promoting account with a personal account to Faсebook if you do not want to publish personal photos in Instagram. Important: A Facebook account will not help if there are no photos of you.

What comments you shouldn't add to Leogram, and what happens if you do not comply with these rules.

Calls to action Do not add comments that call for action. Such comments are regarded as spam, and users delete them and block the autors.

7 simple rules to help you get Instagram followers without getting banned

Instagram has recently made it much more difficult for users to gain new followers quickly and much easier to get banned for spamming or activity that appears like spamming. But no worries! If you know what the new rules are and how to play by them, you will only benefit from the new policy, as the user experience should become much more pleasant after the changes are implemented. Here are several easy guidelines that will help you to avoid getting blocked:

5 useful tips for building a business account on Instagram

Why should you use Instagram for business? As a business owner you’ve probably thought this many times. Why dedicate so much time, effort and money to something so childish, almost. Well, the answer is clear and simple, you just have to look at the numbers: an average millennial spends over four hundred minutes every month browsing Instagram. And as of December, 2016, there are over 600 million active accounts. These stats indicate an enormous potential for new clients, and you can take advantage of it for a relatively small price by following these steps:

5 easy ways to gain Instagram fame and get lots of real followers

Ahhh, Instagram. A place to show off your everyday life, connect with friends, create a blog and even build a business. No matter what your goals are, nobody with an Instagram account wants to remain unknown, to be just another person among hundreds of millions of other accounts. Below you will find 5 inspired ideas that will quickly help you to become more popular on Instagram.

How to build followers for your business on Instagram?

Why would one need to build followers on Instagram and how to do it?

Rising the amount of Instagram followers is valid for promoting business projects in social networks regardless of the product you have – some information or real physical goods. Internet has become a tool of communication with the client, and the leading social network is not an exception.

Social media advertising – a source of income or a tool of influence?

Among a great variety of social networks, which unite half of the planet in a single organism, Instagram takes its special place. Photos, selfies, short stories – post them, share them with everyone on the planet and get Inspired by incredible things your friends see every day!

How do others become successful Instagram bloggers? And why is it not me?

You’ve probably seen multiple stories of unbelievable success on Instagram. On the one hand, it seems to be heaven – to have millions of followers on Instagram, to be popular, to have a great influence, to get discounts, free products, to travel, and to earn a lot of money. Entering this sphere means sharing one stage with top celebrities and best bloggers, who are respected, recognized, and invited to take part in TV shows.

What is the price for placing my ad on Instagram


Advertise through Facebook

There are two ways to promote your Instagram profile. The first way is related with numerous possibilities of Facebook.

Select one of the top online advertising agencies

You may have good or bad attitude towards social networks, but the number of Internet users, who want to rise the number of their subscribers in Instagram, speaks itself – you shouldn’t neglect the necessity of social networking websites, which influence people’s lives. More than that, a lot of contemporary users cannot imagine their everyday lives without browsing through tons of Internet webpages. Checking profiles, likes and news in social networks sipping the morning cup of coffee, eating a lunch sandwich or drinking evening beer has become an irreplaceable ritual every of us does many times a day.

How to attract real active followers to your Instagram account?

There is a great number of ways to share your life events and advertise your business, but one should remember that Instagram is greatly different from conventional means.

Why to buy 100 Instagram followers?

The latest decade has changed so many things in the concepts of successful business; now it’s next to impossible to imagine some really successful businessman, who doesn’t have a strong profile in social networks, which have thousands and hundreds of thousands subscribers. Letting others behind, Instgram is now on op of its popularity, attracting more and more people of all ages, with their real stories, and real needs. Thus, it provides an audience of millions and millions of users, who may become your potential clients today!

What should you do if you are asked to confirm the Instagram account.

Look at the picture:
Was this you?
You can see this if Instagram decides someone tried to enter from an unknown place.

What are our limitations and what do you pay for?

Instagram, like an any other platform, wants to protect itself against all sorts of attacks and cheating. It cannot be said that Instagram is very strict and does not give any chance to companies like ours, but there are restrictions and it is all published in the public domain on the official website.

Be more cunning :) The "Targeting" feature

Impossible is really possible, but only if you include wit and point the system "correct" landmarks. %d1%82%d0%b0%d1%80%d0%b3%d0%b5%d1%82%d0%b8%d0%bd%d0%b3-1

We play by the rules :)

For our general peace of mind you have to specify your E-mail In your Instagram account.

Trust management

Not all our customers have much time, so special for them we launched the service of trust management of an account.

Banned in Instagram? No problem!

Instagram's internal policy is not as terrible as it may seem, and allows you to restore a locked account in almost any situation.

Ability to work with multiple accounts

If you have a lot of Instagram accounts, you can also start them all together.

We work effectively!

In order to be more effective for your activities, we all constantly work on tools that are designed to help you and optimize the whole process.


If you decide to stop using our platform, we will return you money for days remaining on your account.