Shopping tags on Instagram. How to use them?

Shopping on Instagram

insIn the US Instagram launched Shopping Tags function on Instagram. This is a new tool that allows you to make purchases directly to Instagram without leaving the application

Appearance of the first trade tags (shopping tags) in the Instagram occurred back in 2016. The peculiarity of this tool is that now the seller has the opportunity to mark any product in his photo as he marks the average user. An interested photo of a potential buyer, using a shopping tag to place an order, can, with a single click, go to the page of an online store with a picture of the goods.

How does it work?

xamplesYou look through the tape, you see on the photo, say, the bag, you like it, you click on the button "Click to view the product", go to the product card, where you can view his photos in different angles, see the price, product description, e.

Next, you can click on the "buy now" button, postpone the product to your favorites, or simply return to viewing the tape.

Currently, the Instagram has more than 1 million advertisers and with time this number will only grow, thanks to the new function "Shopping".

Prior to this, the seller had to make posts in which he invited users to click on the link to the detailed description of the product where it could be ordered. Now it is enough to click on the shopping tag to go directly to the commodity card. This gives advantages to both the seller and the buyer:

  • Reduced time costs for advertising;
  • there is more opportunity to get acquainted with the assortment in detail;
  • it's easier to choose a purchase.

However, checking examples of working with shopping tags, you can notice and significant problems:

  • users are not accustomed to innovation and continue to ask for product characteristics in the comments, ignoring the tags;
  • commodity cards are not always filled in full, and even customers who have used the shopping tag are left with questions to the seller.

How to optimize the use of shopping tags

mockupPractice shows that the detailed filling of commodity cards with indication of all significant characteristics of the goods causes a noticeable increase in interest in trade tags. If this innovation is used in the store for the first time - it is advisable to leave a brief instruction for users in the comments.

Prospects for using shopping tags

popuDevelopers are testing a number of new features that will be used in shopping tags. For example, saving a card of your favorite product with the possibility of its separate viewing.

Also, we remind you that you can promote posts in business accounts on Instagram by setting up targeting without leaving the application and launch advertising in Stories.

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