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Tips on Creating Awesome Instagram Feed
Your Instagram theme presents you, who you are, what you do, and what you love. There are no rules to follow, you make your own rules. But there are some tricks... Read next
How To Add Links To Instagram Stories
If you are running your business over instagram, you had to post link in your BIO, and ask people to go check it out. Now, for buff you are using Instagram, you... Read next
How to post on Instagram from PC and MAC?
Instagam is designed to be used only as a mobile app. You are supposed to post directly, in real time. But sometimes, editing photos, writing captions, would... Read next
Instagram Lifehacks you never heard of
This article is dedicated to a few ways to boost your Instagram profile, and we have several tricks you probably never heard of. Relevant hashtags You can use... Read next
What are the benefits of having business accounts on Instagram and do you really need it?
Instagram is one of the greatest communication means and an effective advertisement channel. More than that, it proposes a very special option for business, which... Read next
How to make your Instagram bio Rock?
Leogram experts are sharing the tips on how to make your Instagram bio look attractive. Read a simple instruction for bloggers and entrepreneurs. Making a good... Read next
Instagram API updates and what do they mean for your business in 2018?
Are you using Instagram for business? Maybe you are selling your products on Instagram, or you are collecting data like engagement on Instagram, meaning followings,... Read next
Instagram Publications Planning. Why and how?
Today’s article is dedicated to planning the publications on Instagram. The formula behind it is easy – for obtaining a larger amont of subscribers on Instagram... Read next
How to promote your Instagram account through using trending hashtags?
Are you new to Instagram, or you’ve already been around for a while? Ether way, you want to grow, strengthen your account, and stay relevant. Hashtags,... Read next
What has changed in the rules for Instagram hashtags in 2018?
Algorythms of work of social networks change faster than we are able to adjust to them. Here in this article we want to tell you how to use Instagram hashtags in... Read next
How to increase Engagement Rate of your Instagram account
The introduction of the algorithmic tape seriously affected the reach and involvement of many users in the Instagram. Even the big bloggers complain that the posts... Read next
What is Engagement Rate, and why is it so important?
Engagement rate (ER) is a very popular topic for discussion in the recent years. Options for measuring it can be a mass, and everything depends only on your imagination.... Read next
How to sell on Instagram?
Many people ask us how to write texts for Instagram. From our experience different social networks have significant differences in writing texts and obey different... Read next
Up-to-date advices for successful Instagram promotion
We’ve created a list of a few tips which will help you to boost your instagram account, find new clients, and to increase your revenues. Make use of them 0 and... Read next
Instagram Stories as an effective business tool
Among the formats available on Instagram, Stories take their special slot. Every day, 200 million users deal with stories: they shoot videos, upload photos, browse... Read next
Checklist for successful Instagram promotion on Instagram
This article is primarily designed for those who have their own small or bigger businesses, but it's also nice for those who want to promote their brand by themselves.... Read next
What Instagram has Reserved for Business in 2018?
The year is almost over, and it’s time not only to look back at what has already been done, but also to make a guess as for trends waiting for us in the upcoming... Read next
Instagram promotion Myths
Social networks have their own life cycles and peaks of popularity. In the recent years close attention of bloggers, SMM-users, and their clients is turned to Instagram,... Read next
Why can Instagram subscribers kill your account?
Why should you be careful trying to increase the amount of subscribers? First of all, you may simply be banned. If thousands of subscribers start following a young... Read next
Purposes of Instagram promotion campaigns
There is no universal instruction on how to promote an account and there cannot be any. But there are general recommendations, which are derivatives of long observations... Read next
What is a good advertising post on Instagram
The introduction of advertising on Instagram occurs gradually - so that both users are accustomed, and the brands understand what exactly their potential audience... Read next
Why to choose a business account?
Many business owners are just beginning to move to Instagram, wondering how to promote their product, service, business? Should I start a business account or personal... Read next
How to build a successful selling webpage on Instagram?
Despite a large number of conversations about sales in Instagram, not everyone who decided to promote their business through this social network can sell. And for... Read next
Instagram ideas to start a business
The fact that Instagram is a social network not only for teenagers, but for entrepreneurs, is undoubtful. For quite long Instagram won its audience, and in 2014... Read next
Ultimate Marketing guide for Instagram promotion
Instagram is a network designed for youngsters – its main auditorium are users aged 18-29, and more than half of them check for updates at least once a day.... Read next
Instagram limits for business promotion
The functional capabilities of Instagram are greatly cut: you can insert an active link at your profile only once. All the discussions of the product are supposed... Read next
Promotion on Instagram for photographers
From the very start, the main aim of Instagram was to show photos that tell your followers about your life. In a while texts have become as important as images.... Read next
How to Fail your Instagram Promotion Campaign?
In order to avoid promotion fails on Instagram, everyone who deals with sells, should know some typical mistakes that lead to losses or don’t let you get a deserved... Read next
Features provided for business accounts on Instagram
If you want to use your Instagram account for business purposes, don’t forget to choose a right type of account, for: Business accounts on Instagram reveal... Read next
Tips on Security of different types of Instagram accounts
Cases of scheme artists stealing Instagram accounts are not that rare in the recent years. If your account gets stolen, it might become a huge problem to return... Read next
Name, title, Description in Instagram promotion
Account design Develop your account design in such a manner, so that the users get immediate answer to the question what and how you propose. For this, pay attention... Read next
Aims of Instagram promotion
The work with Instagram account must start not with the first post or photo session, but with developing promotion strategy. Aims. First of all, define... Read next
Ways to promote your account on Instagram
Before March 15, 2016 everything was made easy on the Instagram feed – the posts were displayed according to the time of their publication. Now publications,... Read next
How not to get blocked on Instagram?
You need to know the rules. Blocking on Instagram is not a myth. If it happens in the middle of active actions on your account and other business processes, it’s... Read next
Instagram Stories For Account Promotion
Remember the scheme: you regularly publish Instagram stories, the stories get subscribers’ reactions, after this Instagram takes it into account - and promotes... Read next
4 things you should NEVER do in your business Instagram account
1. Ignoring hashtags ruins your chances of building a business on Instagram There is a popular idea that a post with a large number of hashtags looks spammy. But... Read next
4 things that are warding people away from your business Instagram account
1. Closed account A reliable way to ruin the advancement of an Instagram business is to close the account by setting it to private. Do not get me wrong - in... Read next
Useful Instagram marketing tips for gyms and trainers
Whether you’re a gym owner or a personal trainer, there are good and bad news for you. On one hand, if you utilize some useful marketing tips for personal trainers,... Read next
Tips for picking the best day to post on Instagram
Not so long ago Instagram changed the way it determines in what order to display the posts in your timeline. It used to be simple - the posts that were uploaded... Read next
Tips for taking photos for a business Instagram account
I have a friend that bakes cakes. They are absolutely fantastic, I must say. Recently, having ordered from her one, I spent 20 minutes to put it nicely and take... Read next
4 tips on how to run a successful Facebook competition
You’ve probably noticed a huge number of contests happening of Facebook and Instagram lately, but did you ever think that you might need to join in? It seems like... Read next
4 tips for using gift cards for business promotions
Gift cards are great to use as prizes in social media giveaways and contests because they give people a chance to try your product, bring additional revenue and... Read next
How to encourage your subscribers to put likes on instagram
Likes, comments, and the amount of subscribers is the ultimate indicator showing how your Instagram account feels in reality. Means, the top question each blogger... Read next
Personality quiz ideas and tips for promoting your business
Which vegetable are you? What country is perfect for you? Which car best matches your personality? The internet is full of personality quizzes that were first popularized... Read next
Photo campaign with hashtags as a way to increase brand awareness
One of the most popular promotion techniques is photo contest creation. It’s easy to post a picture, and it’s easy to hash tag image, plus, the possibility of... Read next
5 mistakes in promoting brand on Instagram
Instagram has the benefit of simplicity and thereby attracts a lot of advertisers.  It is easy to find a blogger for cooperation here. And it is easy to agree on... Read next
Methods for marketing your brand on the Instagram
Once you’ve defined your strategy, content, and other basic moments, you get a logical question – what do I need to do with my account so that someone notices... Read next
How to lead your brand account on Instagram
The main peculiarity of instagram is that people come here just for a lovely content, which will please their eye, whereas other social networks cover several purposes... Read next
Instagram as an instrument of brand promotion
What is Instargam and why it is interesting? Instagram success only proves the hypothesis that separating brands by niches is the future of social media marketing.... Read next
How to make audience interested in your Instagram account?
Work with a thought of your potential subscribers in mind After having found appropriate people, try to attract their attention. They will entre your profile, become... Read next
Digital and social media marketing with Instagram
Let’s admit, Instagram service becomes interesting once it startshaving more followers. But major part of users who have just created their new accounts, do not... Read next
How to do social media marketing and branding
We’ve focused on writing this article to help you market your own brand with a help of conventional social marketing tools. Multiple research indicate that the... Read next
How to use instagram for business promotion. Practical guide
Instagram is one of the most perspective social platforms for business promotion. First of all, the popularity of this network is constantly increasing. Along with... Read next
Does one need to buy real instagram likes?
So you have created an account, you know how to make nice pictures and you post them regularly, but at the moment you have only friends among your followers? Here... Read next
Effective strategies to gain likes on Instagram
It isn’t obligatory to pay for instagram followers. On the other hand, if you want to build your base of subscribers for free, you’ll have to do the following... Read next
How to get local instagram followers for your account?
There are many companies which propose getting instagram followers for your account rapidly and effectively. In this article we will describe how to do it with no... Read next
Everything about boost of Instagram followers
Social networks for business Today we can`t imagine our everyday life without social networks. We can use them to keep in touch with each other, for fun and even... Read next
Your blog on Instagram
Why do social networks have such a big popularity? At first, almost all social networks have become very important for us and our communication; secondly, they... Read next
The best email marketing
The great role of Internet in our life Surely everyone can notice that Internet and almost all modern social networks have become something like an inseparable... Read next
The best Instagram ads
Instagram`s wide popularity nowadays The popularity of some internet networks greatly increased nowadays. With the help of such networks as Instagram all of us... Read next
The best place to buy Instagram followers
Modern world and the role of social networks in it We are the members of the big, modern and constantly developing society. We try to do our best to become more... Read next
Advertising on Instagram and its cost
Have you noticed that modern social networks became fully inseparable from us and our life? As we are members of a modern and developed society we try to do our... Read next
Media marketing in social networks
Now we can`t even imagine our life without social networks. We should always stay in touch with each other; we want to share our photos, videos and some private... Read next
Effectiveness of Instagram in fashion brand promotion
The success of Instagram keeps on proving the fact that niche promotion is the future of social media market. It’s been long back that Western market leaders have... Read next
How to get real followers for your Instagram account?
We live in a modern and developed society, and of course, any of us tries to be more successful. In recent times popularity of some internet networks greatly increased.... Read next
Instagram can be a powerful tool for business promotion
Every business needs advertising. Nowadays the power of social networks can’t be underestimated. Social media marketing is developing very rapidly day after day,... Read next
The power of hashtag for promotion on Instagram
Instagram hashtags for business They are proven to be a significant power to attract namely your future users. When you write a meaningful and catchy one, which... Read next
How to develop a new Instagram account for business
New accounts for business always face the problem of the lack of subscribers. In this article we will talk about giveaways, which are very popular means of increasing... Read next
Live communication. Effective way of marketing your business on Instagram
If your internet-shop doesn’t have enough subscribers (or, in other words, potential buyers), it is a useless internet-shop. Of course, you can subscribe for your... Read next
Is building followers on Instagram an easy process?
New algorithms of newsfeed formation filter accounts, which are not popular among the subscribers with no mercy! Still, there is a way to increase the interest of... Read next
How to get paid to advertise on Instagram
If you’ve got a couple hundred or even thousand followers on Instagram, you’ve definitely caught yourself wondering how you can make money using that. A lot... Read next
How to set up an account for business on Instagram
If you set up an Instagram business account and manage to make it successful, you will always be ahead of your competitors. Every day thousands of new people join... Read next
5 Instagram marketing ideas to help you grow followers
Make use of brand-specific hashtags for marketing with Instagram Probably all of us know how important it is to use hashtags under every post. They help people... Read next
3 useful tips on how to start an Instagram business
Perhaps every person out there has thought at least once in their life about starting a business on Instagram and becoming a social media celebrity. After all, most... Read next
An easy guide to sponsoring a post on Instagram
To create sponsored content on Instagram you need to use your business’ Facebook page. First of all, create a Business Manager account by going to Read next
How to boost your likes on Instagram?
If someone told us just a few years back that in the 21st century lamps, electric ovens, fridges, and doorbells would work through Wi-Fi, they would think we’ve... Read next
Useful ideas for Instagram brand promotion
The amount of Instagram users reaches record values, and billions of new likes appear in it every hour. Once you work with the service correctly, you will get rapid... Read next
7 simple rules to help you get Instagram followers without getting banned
Instagram has recently made it much more difficult for users to gain new followers quickly and much easier to get banned for spamming or activity that appears like... Read next
5 useful tips for building a business account on Instagram
Why should you use Instagram for business? As a business owner you’ve probably thought this many times. Why dedicate so much time, effort and money to something... Read next
5 easy ways to gain Instagram fame and get lots of real followers
Ahhh, Instagram. A place to show off your everyday life, connect with friends, create a blog and even build a business. No matter what your goals are, nobody with... Read next
How to build followers for your business on Instagram?
Why would one need to build followers on Instagram and how to do it? Rising the amount of Instagram followers is valid for promoting business projects in social... Read next
Social media advertising – a source of income or a tool of influence?
Among a great variety of social networks, which unite half of the planet in a single organism, Instagram takes its special place. Photos, selfies, short stories... Read next
How do others become successful Instagram bloggers? And why is it not me?
You’ve probably seen multiple stories of unbelievable success on Instagram. On the one hand, it seems to be heaven – to have millions of followers on Instagram,... Read next
What is the price for placing my ad on Instagram
Advertise through Facebook There are two ways to promote your Instagram profile. The first way is related with numerous possibilities of Facebook. All you... Read next
Select one of the top online advertising agencies
You may have good or bad attitude towards social networks, but the number of Internet users, who want to rise the number of their subscribers in Instagram, speaks... Read next
How to attract real active followers to your Instagram account?
There is a great number of ways to share your life events and advertise your business, but one should remember that Instagram is greatly different from conventional... Read next
Why to buy 100 Instagram followers?
The latest decade has changed so many things in the concepts of successful business; now it’s next to impossible to imagine some really successful businessman,... Read next