Features provided for business accounts on Instagram

If you want to use your Instagram account for business purposes, don’t forget to choose a right type of account, for:

  • Business accounts on Instagram reveal new possibilities for Internet shops.
  • Wide statistics by accounts and subscribers;
  • Convenient ways to contact your clients;
  • Promotion of publications straight through Instagram application.

These features are great and very useful for promotion purposes. And today we’ll talk more about using Instagram for business promotion.

New features of business accounts. Contact buttons in your business account

These are the buttons for getting in touch with your company. The system uses the same data that you mentioned in the last stage of setting your business account: telephone number, e-mail, or physical address (in order to find you on the map).

When one types a ‘Call’ button, you will be able to make a call through your standard telephone dialer. If one selects ‘e-mail’ button, their standard e-mail application will open, where your potential client will see a regular e-mailing form with the address of your company automatically inserted in the right field.

‘Directions’ button will send a user to Google Maps, where the location of your shop/office will be marked.

What do you need to do to change your contact information? Return back to your company profile and choose settings. Now you have a new tab “Company Contact Information”. Go there and add all the necessary data.

Statistics for each publication

Now you have access to common statistics of all separate publications.

It is important: the statistics will get switched on after the first publication you make after activating your company profile. Tap the button “Check Statistics” under the publication.

Now you get the following information available: time and date of publication, the number of displays, general reach of the publication and involvement. If one or few of the metrics factors aren’t clear, tap the button ‘What does it mean?’

General statistics

On the page of your profile now there is a new button in the top right corner. Tap it – and find yourself in the section of general statistics of the profile.

In this section you will find:

  1. Information on the number of displays, general reach of all your publications and the number of views of your profile over the last week. Here you can check the number of clicks on website, calls, and sent letters, as well as the number of people who checked the address of the company (in case you mentioned it).
  2. Top publications – the most popular posts in a certain time period. You can set up filters: publication type, aim, and the period for collecting statistics. Here is how you can find and check the publications by the criteria, which are important for you.
  3. Subscribers – total number of subscribers, their gender, and age. There are filters for both men and women, which define the age of each of the groups separately.
  4. Best places – geographic position of your subscribers. Here are filters by cities and countries.
  5. The most active times and days of week of activities for your subscribers. Based on these data, you can correct your content plan, and to alter the days and the timings of publications for the most active time for your auditorium.

Business account also provides options for promotion of your publication through built-in features.

In conclusion, we shouldmention that all internet shops, which develop their businesses with a help of Instagram, should choose the option of business accounts. It will make their work more effective, but we truly realize that the wide statistics, provided for business purposes, is only a start, and one is supposed to be able to use the obtained data in a right manner. Leogram specialists are familiar with the peculiarities of business promotion through Instagram, and will help to boost your business account in a safe way.

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