Should I keep Leogram website open while the service is running?

No, all the work is done on our servers. Your task is to indicate the correct data for our system once, or entrust this work to us.


Is it possible to launch several Instagram accounts at once?

Yes, in the personal office you can add any number of accounts, and each one can be configured separately depending on the tasks assigned.


How much is 1000 followers?

The correct answer in this case is not at all, since we take money not for the number of people follow to you, but for time of using the service. You can read more about this here. To get acquainted with the prices and buy one of the tariffs you can click on the button in your personal account.


How to pay?

We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.


Is it possible to remove the Instagram account from Leogram?

Yes. You can delete the details of your Instagram account in "Account Manager" page. The data will be automatically deleted from our servers within 14 days.

In addition, in order to be aware of all the innovations or features of our service, read our Blog.

In order not to get confused during the work process, read the explanations that you can find by clicking on the question icons.