How does Leogram work?

Once you sign up, our step-by-step setup system catches you through all settings to start your promotion. Right after that Leogram will start attracting target people to your page by liking their posts and following them. Each time Leogram follows someone or likes a post, people get a notification and come check out your Instagram page. If they are in love with your profile, they start posting comments, liking your posts and even following you. And that's the goal.

Will Leogram work for my industry?

Yes! No matter what industry you work in, no matter what you promote, business or brand, you will easy reach your audience, since the process is the same.

How many followers will I get?

Each account is unique. The number of followers you receive varies greatly and depends on many factors. For example, you can count on more followers if you constantly post great content. But we cannot guarantee you any certain number of followers, because they are real people who decide by themselves whether to or not to follow you.

What if I don't like Leogram?

If you are not satisfied within your first 15 days of the service, we will provide you with full refund. Once 15 days pass, we can still issue a refund for remaining days.

Can I cancel my Leogram account at any time?

Sure. You can cancel, or pause, or freeze your account for a while, and your days will not be lost. We want you to feel free to make any decision.