What is "Ghost block" and how to get rid of it
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Leogram update from 22.10.18
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Account verification via the Android/iOS app
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Why are we aren't responsible for comments that Leogram places
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Promotion is running, but your followers are leaving. Why?
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How to improve account security in Instagram: practical tips
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What comments you shouldn't add to Leogram, and what happens if you do not comply with these rules.
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What should you do if you are asked to confirm the Instagram account.
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What are our limitations and what do you pay for?
Instagram, like an any other platform, wants to protect itself against all sorts of attacks and cheating. It cannot be said that Instagram is very strict and does... Read next
Be more cunning :) The "Targeting" feature
Impossible is really possible, but only if you include wit and point the system "correct" landmarks. Targeting is a section that has 4 tools to help you gather... Read next
We play by the rules :)
For our general peace of mind you have to specify your E-mail In your Instagram account. You will need it when your account is temporarily locked by the system... Read next
Trust management
Not all our customers have much time, so special for them we launched the service of trust management of an account. The service will minimize your labor costs... Read next
Banned in Instagram? No problem!
Instagram's internal policy is not as terrible as it may seem, and allows you to restore a locked account in almost any situation. In short, in order to unlock... Read next
Ability to work with multiple accounts
If you have a lot of Instagram accounts, you can also start them all together. Just add them to the account manager, and transfer or recharge the balance for new... Read next
We work effectively!
In order to be more effective for your activities, we all constantly work on tools that are designed to help you and optimize the whole process. These tools... Read next
If you decide to stop using our platform, we will return you money for days remaining on your account. To do this you need to write an application (in free form)... Read next