How to improve account security in Instagram: practical tips

Connect the account to your facebook account
Link the promoting account with a personal account to Faсebook if you do not want to publish personal photos in Instagram. Important: A Facebook account will not help if there are no photos of you.

Specify your mobile phone number in the Instagram settings
You need a phone number in cases when you need to confirm your rights to your social account. The network sends an SMS message with the code. It happens when your account activity increases dramatically and becomes atypical. Sometimes Instagram blocks accounts automatically, if they just started promotion in Leogram or a similar automated service.

Make sure you entered the mobile phone number (you cannot get SMS to a landline phone), and have not made a mistake anywhere.

Specify an e-mail address you have access to in the Instagram settings
E-mail address is required in case you forgot the password or the password is reset automatically. Sometimes Instagram blocks accounts automatically, if they just started promotion in Leogram or a similar automated service. Be careful when you specify an email.

Make sure you have not made a mistake anywhere.

Prepare a proof that you are the owner of the account
If an account is blocked, to restore it, the support of the social network will ask you to make selfie (Account holder's face in the frame) with a sheet of paper on which you will write the code indicated in the support letter. Imagine how difficult it is to prove your account is yours, if you do not have any photos, even on an avatar.

If this case describes your situation fully, and you do not intend to disclose your identity, connect the account to your facebook account

All of the above recommendations are also useful for accounts whose main purpose is sales. When you restore the account, any information that confirms your rights to the company: constituent documents, trademark, etc. – will be useful if you specified them in the profile description.

Do not hurry
Regardless of how long the promoted account was registered, in the first 4 weeks use only Likes option. This will significantly reduce the risk of blocking. An exception is the accounts that previously used other automated services. Of course, using only Likes option in not the most effective option, but it's better than leaving the account forever. Be patient, and activate the comments and follows after 4 weeks to increase the effectiveness of the promotion to the maximum.

Do not exceed the limits on the number of actions to prevent Instagram from blocking your account. At the moment, the social network allows you to make up to 60 likes / comments / follows per hour. Current limits are available in the official documentation for developers.

But do not worry. Leogram performs even less actions than allowed by the limits. We care about your account. Read more about limits in the article.

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