Useful ideas for Instagram brand promotion

The amount of Instagram users reaches record values, and billions of new likes appear in it every hour. Once you work with the service correctly, you will get rapid promotion of your brand. But if you make a mistake, the failure is inevitable. Here are some useful advices to those who have just started building their brand.


Settings and General Idea

  • Select an option of creating a corporate account in app settings – it’s very easy. Pick the title of company or brand as a username. If it’s taken, you need to find some name, which is the most closely related to the products or services you are going to market.
  • Fill in the profile information: your brand needs to have a beautiful profile shoot, add some brief information about it and place a link for company’s website.
  • Invent some uncommon blueprint for your brand; use it in buildup aspects, show your company’s vision to the client, focus your content around some bright exclusive idea.
  • Integrate your account with other media.
  • Set automatic integration of pictures between different resources – it will boost the amount of reposts. Big companies earn likes through cross-posts in a number of social media.

Popularize your account

  • Use the tools for promotion your brand
  • Make use of hashtags – it’s one of the main features of the service. Through them a user can find pictures of the desired brand. In comparison with some other services, the number of characters is not limited here, but you shouldn’t look too obsessive with your branding.
  • Add the name of your brand to hashtags. Involve uncommon ones for separate marketing campaigns. For instance, develop exclusive hashtags for each contest. It improves not only recognizing of your company, but also builds links between the separate users.
  • Use hashtags with the most general terms for each post. For example, if you are selling sunglasses, #summer, #holiday, #fun have to be under your posts.
  • See what’s popular at the moment. Those who managed to work with top trending ideas effectively, boost like crazy! Your posts will be among the top popular ones, and the amount of views will count tens of thousands! Connect users who use popular hashtags, comment and like their posts.
  • Check the network and find out who adds your brand’s name as a hashtag. It will help you to build a feedback; answer rapidly in order to build good connection with your buyers.

Clients are important

  • Prove your subscribers how much you value them. Publish their best photos, make contests for them, thank them. Don’t forget to ask for their permission before you use materials from their posts!
  • Give likes and comments to your subscribers, especially if they hashtag your brand.
  • Give replies to the feedbacks you get, even if they are negative.
  • Address your followers individually – mention them with ‘@’ sign. It’s highly appreciated by the clients.
  • Use ‘@’ sign for mentioning celebrities as well! If your post is somehow related with some famous person, don’t feel shy to show it! Some posts are replied even by them!-  Focus on attracting your buyers, create publications, think of clients. Your Instagram business must be oriented on your clients’ lifestyle!

We hope, these points will support your plan to build your brand on Instagram. Keep on following us! Read more of our useful tips in the other articles.

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