How to attract real active people to your Instagram page?

If someone told us just a few years back that in the 21st century lamps, electric ovens, fridges, and doorbells would work through Wi-Fi, they would think we’ve gone crazy, but nowadays these are realities, and no one would even think it’s wrong if ‘girls’ dresses’, ‘steel pans’, and ‘posh sunglasses’ have their pages in popular networks. No matter if it’s a private or business page, accounts where posts get thousands of likes look impressive, and surely boost sales and promote the ideas of their owners.


How to boost Instagram likes?

You have to realize that your clients spend more time hanging in networks than in search of some products. All big brands are present in multiple platforms, which helps them to use direct channel of communication with their potential clients, attracting new auditorium through this. Advertising in social networks is much cheaper than on basis of any other platform, and it is definitely much more effective!

Here we share some useful data from our specialists:

  1. Increase the density of your subscribers. Trust professionals.
    • We will gladly help you in building auditorium your business requires. We communicate with you by any means of connection that are convenient to you. Our technical support is ready to help, should you have any technical issues.
  2. Be creative. We have creative experiences market managers.
    • Our market managers come up with fresh Instagram insights to help you boost your page and to be fruitful in your field.
      Focus on quality of your content
  3. Take care of quality of your photo material
    • Use filters, select interesting viewpoints, and unite few pictures in one. Make short videos – 15 sec videos will make your account look a lot more vivid.
  4. Show users how to use the products you are selling
    • Ask your buyers to take pictures with your goods, organize competitions and give prizes to the most creative of them.
  5. Always support the idea of your company
    • Remember how important it is to have some idea and to promote it in a right manner – select some style, make it recognizable, and let it accompany each of your posts. Make your auditorium familiar with the principles and priorities of your company.
  6. Tell more about yourself and your company
    • Post pictures of your company’s staff, tell who makes your brand successful, film the backstage, show how casual working day looks like. Post jokes about managers, directors, show who are they in daily life. It will improve the image of your brand, and boost everyone’s interest, resulting in likes and subscriptions!
  7. Film some teaser
    • Show how you prepare launch of some product or idea, but do not open your secret beforetime! Let everyone be intrigued and follow the updates!
  8. Post more info about the past events
    • Don’t feel shy to tell about your past successes or events. Let people know what you’ve been up to!
  9. Build partner relationship with other brands and bloggers
    • It does not matter if you are a small brand, a blogger, or an international corporation – develop common advertising campaigns!

We know how tricky it is at the start. Join us - we’ll help you to boost your posts and gain your clients.

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