Banned in Instagram? No problem!

Instagram's internal policy is not as terrible as it may seem, and allows you to restore a locked account in almost any situation.

In short, in order to unlock an account, it's enough to write to support of Instagram about hacking and responding to their messages. Each time you will have to wait for an answer up to 4 days, but usually the entire unlock process does not last longer than a week.


1. Go through the "let us know" link in the following way:

2. Choose your account type

2.1 If this is a company account:


Specify your data, аnd load a color scan of one of the proposed documents.

2.2 If this is a personal account:

Specify your data.

3. Wait for response (maximum 4 days).
3.1 If you are asked to provide details of the incident, send the following text:

The day before yesterday (January 1, 2017), I was thrown out of my account in the application on the phone. When I re-enter, a message with the words "your account is locked for violation of our terms" appears.

3.2 Then you will receive a letter in which you will be asked to photograph yourself along with the code specified in this letter and your name in Instagram (not login). Just do it!

4. In the end, wait for a letter stating that your account has been unlocked, and wait about a day until moment when it really becomes so.

Since Instagram is its own master, some things can change. We monitor the relevance of the information provided, but if you find inaccuracy before us or if you have any questions, you can always contact our technical support.

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