What should you do if you are asked to confirm the Instagram account.

Look at the picture:

Was this you?

You can see this if Instagram decides someone tried to enter from an unknown place.

So what's happened?

Leogram is a BOT program. You give us your Instagram account, and we promote it using another computer with a different IP address. Instagram is not used to seeing such IP address, it is used to see yours. Therefore, it rightly suspects your account was stolen, and asks to confirm it.

Of course, no one has stolen your account, it's in safe hands :) Instagram just wants to know you have authorized this activity. There is only one inconvenience: Instagram can demand confirmation at any time.

But do not worry! Just press "IT WAS ME" button and let LEOGRAM work.

If you pushed IT WAS ME each time you saw the warning and Instagram still asks your confirmation all the time, do the following:

1. Stop attempts to fix this;
2. Turn off all the actions on Leogram for 2 days;
3. Change your Instagram password and put the correct one to the system;
4. After two days turn on actions and push IT WAS ME if it appears again.

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