Tips on Security of different types of Instagram accounts

Cases of scheme artists stealing Instagram accounts are not that rare in the recent years. If your account gets stolen, it might become a huge problem to return it back, so in this article we’ve decided to share some security tips, which will help you to keep your account (and your business!) safe.

There are multiple types of Instagram accounts. Before you start one, define, why you need Instagram in order to fill the profile in correctly and to use it in future. Which of these types are most frequently attacked by the hackers?

Types of accounts:

  • Personal account.
  • Blog.
  • Public (thematic community).
  • Internet shops and offline shops.
  • Business accounts (cafes and restaurants, touristic agencies, manufacturing, etc.)
  • Brand accounts.
  • Celebrity accounts.
  • Bots.
  • Landing accounts.
  • Video accounts.

“In general, just like any other social network, Instagram can provide everything you want to get from it. If the company has an aim to sell products – Instagram can provide sales. Influence, recognizability?” – it has it all, - says one of our experts, - “You can get everything you want, once you have a right approach. Single Instagram profile cannot be enough for a big brand, but if you have a small regional business, for example, beauty salon, clothes shop or goods for kids, than Instagram promotion can cover the major part of your needs and will help you to save time you’d spend for promotion in multiple social networks. Especially if to check the boom of popularity of this network over the past years.”

Security of your account


Accounts, which are not top popular (millions of subscribers), but quite popular, having a wide auditorium of followers, are frequent victims of scheme artists. These are business accounts, well-known blogs, brand accounts, etc. Once you own one of those (or once the number of your followers have started growing noticeably), take special precautions regarding security measures. These recommendations are not any sort of paranoid advices; cases of stealing the accounts are quite frequent. Instagram users lose their businesses like this. Take security issues seriously, especially if you are using your instagram for business purposes.

Here are a few tips to help you protect your account and your business.

  1. Make a complex password.
  2. Link your account to pages in other social networks.
  3. Check if your e-mail is reliable. Passwords for Instagram and e-mail accounts must be different.
  4. Two-factor authentication


If you have more than 1,000 subscribers, turn a two level identification on (thus, besides a standard login and password you are going to get an SMS-code). It will be very useful if someone tries to steal your account. And, if the combination of login and password can be possibly hacked, than SMS will arrive to your telephone, and no one will be able to use your account without your permission. The corresponding section will be found in your profile settings. Enter it and check the box “Request security code”.

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