Personality quiz ideas and tips for promoting your business

Which vegetable are you? What country is perfect for you? Which car best matches your personality? The internet is full of personality quizzes that were first popularized on Buzzfeed, and their number is growing every day. Everyone loves a good magazine personality quiz, so why don’t you use this idea to increase your following and bring additional attention to your brand?

Figure out the topic before you make a quiz on Buzzfeed

The quiz should be both fun and connected to your brand, which can be hard to combine. Take time to come up with a good, relevant subject for the quiz. For example, if you own an organic foods store, let people find out what fruit they are, it you run a hotel, come up with a short personality quiz to determine the perfect vacation.

Make a list of results for your short personality quiz

To make things simpler, first come up with three to five results people can get at the end of the style personality quiz, and after that, compose questions. A good quiz idea is to keep the number of questions below ten; five to seven questions is the sweet spot.

Use an online quiz template for a user-friendly design

There is nothing more frustrating that bad software or design, so it’s best to use one of many websites and apps that teach you how to make a quiz on Buzzfeed using their services. There you can find ideas for quizzes to make, and ensure that your quiz will be a success.

Simplicity is the key

It’s important to keep a personality quiz short, as they are just for fun. The answers should be just a word or two, and you can even substitute them with images when you make a personality quiz online. Of course, you can’t make your questions that short, but still, try to keep the quiz short, sweet, but entertaining at the same time. Test it out on a few friends and get their feedback. If you are completely stuck, look up “quiz your friends” question ideas.

Let your followers share the quiz

Your followers sharing the results they got on your quiz is what’s going to get more people to take the quiz, get to know your product, follow your page, and like your posts. So when you are googling “how do you make a Buzzfeed quiz”, don’t forget to look up how to include a sharing option. The best way to do this is to ensure that sharing is available on all social media: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and even Google Plus.

Collect valuable information

You quizzes will be fun for your followers, but what’s in them for you? New followers, likes, shares, but most importantly, when you make a Buzzfeed quiz, it’s a perfect opportunity to start an email list and build it up. Be sure that your newsletters contain promo codes, special deals, and valuable information about your products and people will love them.

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