What is the price for placing my ad on Instagram


Advertise through Facebook

There are two ways to promote your Instagram profile. The first way is related with numerous possibilities of Facebook.

All you have to do to use the benefits of this method is to use your ad section in Facebook, through which you can launch advertisements in Instagram. To do so, you have to link your Instagram account to your Business Facebook. In the built-in ad office you need to select the aim of your advertisement campaign, which would identify the price of your ads.

This system looks tricky for the beginners - they often get lost in technical details, and don’t reach the desired results.

Advertise through famous bloggers

The other way is to advertise through bloggers, who have a big number of subscribers.

But if some people have enormous amount of subscribers, you can have it, too. In this case, you will be able to get money through advertising others.

In fact, it works easy – if your subscribers trust you, they buy what you advertise. All you have to do is to keep your account live, vivid, and interesting. Surely, this work is tough, takes a lot of time, and the result depends on so many factors… A blogger must post good photos and videos, be familiar with basic business instruments to check what content makes his or her public interested; another important skill is writing – those who can provide vivid juicy texts, which ignite the interest towards the personality of a blogger, become successful a lot more often.

And, if in case of targeted advertisement you pay for a certain action – click, like, subscription, etc., than in case of bloggers, you are going to pay not only for ‘renting’ his or her account, but for the very post as well. Usually bloggers don’t agree to write the advertisements instead of themselves. The prices range from several hundreds of dollars paid to bloggers who have not so many subscribers up to a few thousands of dollars paid to those who have millions of subscribers, but still are not the world-famous stars. Posting an ad in a profile of some celebrity may cost a fortune, and is a topic of separate discussion.

Golden rule – increase the number of subscribers.

Any campaign is going to be idle if your profile doesn’t look strong enough. Get active subscribers. Promote them to give you likes and to leave comments to your posts. Thousands of subscribers – this is the only valid argument to show that your page is worthy. When advertising, remember that is must be a complex of smart activities, aimed to promote a slow, but persistent growth. Good e-marketing agencies, such as Leogram, propose special packages, which will help you to attract audience according to your needs. All you have to do is to register, to set up region, sex, age, and check how real accounts get subscribed for your profile, attracting their own friends and followers. With Leorgam you pay for quality.

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