How do others become successful Instagram bloggers? And why is it not me?

You’ve probably seen multiple stories of unbelievable success on Instagram. On the one hand, it seems to be heaven – to have millions of followers on Instagram, to be popular, to have a great influence, to get discounts, free products, to travel, and to earn a lot of money. Entering this sphere means sharing one stage with top celebrities and best bloggers, who are respected, recognized, and invited to take part in TV shows.


But on the other hand, it seems to be an unreachable clan of chosen people, that there are really very few of them, and that there’s no place for anyone else in Instagram blogging. But is it really so?

Here, we’ll try to explain you how it works and how to become a blogger.

Are you ready for publicity?

Are you comfortable with the fact that other people will become eyewitnesses of your private life? Sooner or later, but you will have to share a lot of information about your life and yourself. And anyone can become your follower – your parents, school teachers, the guys you didn’t like when you were a kid, and even your boss! Are you ready? In this case, keep on reading.

Find your niche

Look at top bloggers. Each of them has an awesome idea, which makes him or her obsessed! Whether it’s sport, fitness, travelling, music, business talks, pranks, relationship, social experiments – each and every blogger is a real fan of what he or she does! Blogging is about delivering a top quality product to its final reader. Think of what excites you most, and keep on doing it. In addition, Instagram provides unique opportunities for multiple professions. Models can advertise their services through Instagram; with this social network even those who are far from conventional model appearance can become promoters and Instagram models. People who get a great number of subscribers can earn money through advertising some product with their profiles.

Post regularly

Once you have become a blogger, you have to remember a golden rule – posts must appear in profiles of your subscribers regularly. Young people now update their newsfeed dozens of times a day, and if you don’t post often, your posts may get lost among the other photos, and you’ll lose your audience, or, most probably, won’t attract any.

What makes some bloggers succeed?

There’s more than half a billion users on Instagram, and, obviously, some bloggers succeed much better than others. Not each of us is committed enough to make regular blog posts, with vivid interesting information. Those who can attract a big audience, take care for each subscriber and won’t agree to promote any product they are proposed to, even at the highest price. Maintaining good image of the profile is much more valuable in a long run than the price you propose to pay, even for a really brilliant product.

Focus on your audience

Whom do you post for? Who is your reader? What does your audience want to see? You have to know these answers, and act accordingly. When you only start, most probably you will have to increase the amount of your subscribers through special agencies, who will help you to find the users of certain age, sex, and from certain region. After you have at least a few thousands of them, it’ll be much easier to involve more audience, because if your blog is worthy, your subscribers will involve more and more people without additional costs on your side.

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