Social media advertising – a source of income or a tool of influence?

Among a great variety of social networks, which unite half of the planet in a single organism, Instagram takes its special place. Photos, selfies, short stories – post them, share them with everyone on the planet and get Inspired by incredible things your friends see every day!


Along with the possibilities for sharing your private photos and videos, Instagram has provided incredible opportunities for ordinary people to become celebrities through sharing their life events, and for businessmen to promote their business.

In any case, your success is measured by the amount of subscribers you have.

Hence, there are two possible scenarios:

  1.    You have a low amount of subscribers

You are not an active user, you don’t make posts several times a day, and you haven’t found your army of subscribers, who follow your life and check for the updates, but you want to advertise some product or to attract more people to follow your account.

Well, in this case you won’t be able to succeed unless you rise the number of followers. We advise you to find some reliable social media advertising agency at this stage. It will advise you the best steps you can do to attract the target audience, and to get you a number of subscribers, who can really become your clients and involve more audience, sharing the information in their circles.

You must be careful here, though. Some companies don’t do proper advertising in social media – it may turn out that your subscribers are bots, who perform no social activity and do not bring any real profit, even when the number of subscribers may be quite high. Be attentive, because any rapid moves can harm your account, it may be even banned.

Do not neglect investing in advertising your account at this stage.

  1.    You have a great amount of subscribers

Once the number of your subscribers becomes higher than tens and thousands hundreds of people, your life will change greatly. At this stage, it’s you, who has a profile, advertising through which is greatly beneficial to other Instagram users. Now you may set prices for advertising through it. Here, it becomes a fascinating opportunity to earn through what you like doing most.

More than that, you’ll get tons of discounts and exquisite proposals from the shops and companies, who want to advertise their products.

Therefore, once you are in, social media advertising brings you profitable benefits, revenues, big discounts, or even free products, as well as social recognition and influence. But everything started with starting your campaign with social media advertising agency, isn’t it?

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