Up-to-date advices for successful Instagram promotion

We’ve created a list of a few tips which will help you to boost your instagram account, find new clients, and to increase your revenues. Make use of them and your Instagram will work for you!

1. Interact with people

Some SMM specialists have discovered the following formula: find some user, like his or her photo 5 times, leave comments to 3 of his or her photos, subscribe for him or her, and the user is yours!

You can make use of automatic services for this, hence, you’ll attract the attention of your potential client to you.

2. Use emoji

Emoji is a language of smileys, which is used in messages and on webpages. Emoji publications get 33% more reposts, comments, and over 50% more likes, and using emoji in account name will increase its visibility in search.

3. Don’t use over 250 symbols in text

Text publications are not supposed to be long. 2-3 sentences are ideal for this purpose. Such publications have higher ER than those with the longer text.

4. Ask questions

Publications containing a question get twice more comments, but the amount of likes and reposts is lesser. Ask unambiguous questions, to which you can answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’. You can also ask for the opinion of your subscribers, if it makes sense. For example, ask them how do they like your new product or event?

5. Make use of geolocation field

Use it to not only to mention your current location, but to also use it in your favour: post contact data, for example, address and telephone number, write of current events and promos, add a link to your website.

6. Do not try to use overly popular hashtags

Of course, it’s a nice trick to attract audience quickly, but if a hashtag is superpupular, it will fly down the top list too quick, and not too many people will be able to react on it.

7. Break the description of your profile into separate lines

Use emoji in account description to divide it into separate lines. You’ll see how much better the account will look like when performed like this. You can easily do it through desktop version from your computer.

8. create several accounts

Make several accounts having different topics for maximal reach of your subscribers. Even if you have only one product, you can have main account, community account, description of the functions of the product, topic account about the users, with their quotes.

9. Use photos with blue color

Incredible, but true. Statistics say that if blue color prevails on a photo, it gets up to 25% more likes. You can check it in your own account!

Here are the main tips, which may at times sound insane. But have a look at popular accounts – seems like they mastered exactly what Leogram experts propose!

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