How to sell on Instagram?

Many people ask us how to write texts for Instagram. From our experience different social networks have significant differences in writing texts and obey different rules. But of course, there are general patterns, for the reason that the goal is common – to get maximal reach and revenues. Take time to look through this article, and learn how to copywrite for SMM or how to write articles on social networks, so that your account is on top, and gets maximal amount of positive comments on it.

At first, all of us used to believe that social networks were created in order to communicate with friends. That’s a naïve perception, and now it is clear that social networks are created for making money. The only question is who will manage to take advantage of this tremendous opportunity. It is going to be someone who can talk with the audience at ease, keep their hand on the pulse of events, rebuild the strategy on the go, and remain noticeable.

Current situation on the market

According to the latest information we received, email marketing slowly but surely dies. It is defeated by social networks and the opportunities that they offer - video broadcasts, bots, instant messengers, etc.

To tell the truth, it does not die, but rather transforms and gains strength. All you need today is to create a well-thought-out content that will answer all the questions your potential buyers have, touch their problems cautiously and gently push them to make purchase.

What do you need to know to be able to sell on Instagram

You need to have absolute knowledge of the target audience

and to feel its problems. Many entrepreneurs ignore the study of the target audience. And if there is no understanding of problems your audience has - there is no understanding of what content to make for them. And, as a result,you're your content may turn out to be useless.

Building content plan

You should have a well-planned plan of posts, short-term and long-term. Perfect would be 1 week and 3 months in advance. It's a lot easier to perform some corrections on the go rather than thinking each new day what to publish, again and again.

Talk to your target audience in their language

If your audience is ordinary people who hardly know complex words from your field of expertise, then most likely they will feel like idiots reading your posts. And even if they learn your vocabulary, they can get offended by your attitude and prefer your competitors, who are able to explain everything with a high level of intelligence and mild.

If your clients are from some specific field and are at ease with professional vocabulary in their sphere, then, of course, specialized terminology can become a sort of filter for the incoming flow of subscribers and customers. If you want to write for specific target audience, use special terms even in headings. Otherwise, simplify the text to the maximum extent.

Try to get rid of unnecessary words

like ‘first of all’, ‘as far as everyone knows’, ‘of course’, etc. Don’t use too many unnecessary descriptions – they only take place and bring no use to your profile.

Invite your subscribers to take action

If your text ends with a philosophical question or, which is worse, has no ending - consider that you talked to yourself.

Invite to discuss the topic, answer the question you gave, click on the link, fill out a questionnaire or simply subscribe to your account.


They should be clear, promising, but with no lies. A person wants to understand the headline immediately – what is the post about? The heading should enlighten the further text, and to be relevant as much as possible. There are many templates of headlines on the Internet, which propose special selling formulas. They work, but it's important not to overdo it. Do not make such posts every day.


Make your posts bring emotions to the reader. One of the bad (but still effective) variants is to make your reader feel him- or herself a looser if they don’t have your product yet, but we believe that it’s better to choose the emotions of joy and love. Think how to do it!


It is important to create trust between the seller and the potential buyer. You can build it only with the help of constant performance of expertise, positive customer feedback, supporting values and principles of the seller. Building trust is a long and scrupulous process that is created through stories and real cases. If you provide some service, always broadcast the results of your customers – it was/ it has become.

None of these points can be ignored, and your task is to make use of at least a few of these advices in each of your posts.

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