Aims of Instagram promotion

The work with Instagram account must start not with the first post or photo session, but with developing promotion strategy.

Aims. First of all, define the goals, which are set for your account. Work on improving and building up the image of the company. Increase your sales. Collect clients’ feedbacks for improving your work. Or maybe you need all at once? Why not?


Having checked the portrait of the target auditorium (you must have already started it before you start), define, what material are you going to publish – what, how often, and how intense those posts will be.

Try writing a content plan for one week and to write first posts. You may prepare real or ‘ideal’ posts – find other brands’ publications you like, and set them as a sample for you: here are the samples of the photos we are going to publish every week, here’s how we’ll try to attract people to start a talk, here’s how we direct them to our website.

Think of the headers for the topics you are going to enlighten. For instance, each Friday you have certain sort of activity, and every Monday you have giveaways. Why not?


Write down what results you are planning to reach for your account: the number of subscribers, likes, comments. But do not strive just to reach these empty figures, the number of clicks on the website and the orders through Instagram is a lot more important.

Content plan

Content plan is often neglected. However, bloggers’ experience clearly shows that it must be developed, and well enough. What are the positive sides of having a content plan? That you share your content in definite proportions for entertaining – expert/reputational – selling – educative.

The headers and the types of content depend on the type of your account. When creating a content plan, one must:

  • Remember about the holidays and festivities, and prepare a special thematic content in advance.
  • Prepare materials for complex topics in advance.
  • Work on your account together with the designer / photographer / copywriter, or simply make use of Leogram service.

Define the basic idea of your content by answering a question: what problem of your target audience do you solve with your content?

You should also study your competitors’ content. They can be found through Instagram search by the key search words.

What to look at? What posts are more often to be liked and commented? What comments are the most frequent to be left (it can be the topic of your next post). You can also look for good content by hashtags for using it as a sample and inspiration. Do not copy anyone – look for ideas and implement them in a better manner. Create hashtags for each article from the group with similar titles.

We advise: make use of Google Docs tables. Access to content plan in this case will be provided from any device, and by using it, you won’t lose anything. Plus, it’s very simple to use.

The best amount of posts for an instagram shop is 1-2 per day.

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