4 things that are warding people away from your business Instagram account

1. Closed account

A reliable way to ruin the advancement of an Instagram business is to close the account by setting it to private.

Do not get me wrong - in your personal account you have the right to choose whether you want to show your photos to the whole world or only to personally approved people, but your company account should never be set to ”Private”.


If the content is hidden, a person doesn’t see what he’s subscribing to, he has to wait until you approve the subscription, and during this time he will forget why he came to this profile in the first place. While some people advise businesses to close their account to create a feeling of exclusiveness, this is one of the worst Instagram business tips you can give.

2. Similar photos over and over

There is nothing shameful in posting a photo with text superimposed on it, a selfie, sunset or a cup of coffee if it fits into your content strategy when you use Instagram for business. But don’t fill the profile with only one type of content. It's boring. Use as many types of content as possible: entertainment, information, training, selling. Post a variety of photos. Entertain, intrigue, enthrall.

3. Posting too frequently doesn’t help your business on Instagram

Many Instagram tips for business include advice to post several times a day, and this really works. But if posts from one account start showing up in the feed every hour or so, it gets annoying. People just scroll through them without looking, or worse, unsubscribe.

Did you have a photo shoot? Took 30 excellent pictures all worth posting? Excellent! Save them for those days when you have nothing to post. Believe me, the enthusiasm will pass and such days will come. Earlier than you expect.

If you’re using Instagram for business, limit yourself two or three publications a day.

4. If you’re not replying to comments - you have no business using Instagram

You must answer all comments, at least at first. Even those that are obviously left by robots. Show that your followers’ opinions are important to you. Communicate! Mention the person who commented with @ + nickname so they get a notification. Answer intelligently. Engage your followers in a dialogue!

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