Pupular Themes for successful Instagram blogging

Blogging so far has long been a profession. Instagram-bloggers earn well and live interesting lives. Often, self-employed professionals become bloggers in order to attract an additional audience and customers through their accounts.

Many people who want to become bloggers face the problem: how to choose a theme for their blog? Let's try to figure it out.

Why do I need to choose a theme for your Instagram Account?

blogginIf you are Beyonce, of course, you do not need a topic. Just be yourself! However, if you are not a celebrity and at the same time want to be interesting to a wider audience, you will need to choose the topic.

We are all pleased to think that we have a rich inner world, and this world is very interesting to all. But what a thing: everyone thinks so. Everyone thinks that they have a rich inner world, everyone thinks that it is very interesting to all. In fact, only the world is interesting to everyone. Yours is not present. An exception can be only a really very rich and very unusual world. If you have a standard world - choose a topic for your personal blog in Instagram.

The theme will allow you to:

  • Better determine the target audience of your account, find it and attract it;
  • Make progress in the Instagram more effective;
  • It is more profitable to monetize Instagram.

When you have a topic, it's easier for you to determine who is interested in this topic, who your target audience is and where to look for it (spoiler: on sites of similar subjects).

When you know your Central Asia, you can write an effective advertising text (by pressing on the "pain points" of readers) and attract more subscribers.

When you have a topic and selected audience, it is beneficial for advertisers to cooperate with you. You know what's interesting for your audience and what to offer to it, so that both readers and advertisers get their profit.

And if I want to have a lifestyle blog?

groWhy not? In order to lead a lifestyle account, this style should still be there. Style - this is a characteristic kind of an instagram account, expressed in special features.

This does not mean that a lifestyle-blogger can only be a resident of a designer loft. You can live in a place which is far from being fancy. The whole focus is how you talk about it. Simply - your posts should be recognizable, the ones you remember. Sometimes even the style of photographs or texts is not so important. But the author's style is mandatory.

How to understand what you are interested in and what to write about on Instagram?

You can choose anything in two formats:

  • What is interesting to you;
  • What's interesting to the other side.

In our case, the second party is our target audience.

How to find your topic based on your interests:

Write down all the topics that interest you. It may take a while, there is no need to hurry. Write everything: from inventing breakfasts to watching TV shows.

From the written topics, select several that you can write for a long time. Not 1-2 posts, but 1-2 years. The topic should be deep enough and interesting enough to you not to get bored.

From the selected topics, leave those in which you are an expert. An expert can make you a suitable education or a great deal of experience with this topic.

If you are not an expert in anything, do not be scared. Then choose the topics where you would like / are willing to become an expert. Those topics for which you are ready to spend a lot of your time, effort, and, possibly, money (if the topic involves training, purchase of equipment or materials for experiments).

Summarize and finally select the topic for your account!

If we proceed from the interests of the target audience

bigsTo proceed from the interests of the audience, it is necessary to understand who your audience is. So, you need to spend time studying it.

Here we also have 2 options. If you already have some subscriber base - post the post and ask them directly, what they are interested in and how you can be useful to them. It is possible that you do not notice the obvious things.

If there is no audience, consider what kind of audience you would like to work with. With whom would you be interested to communicate? For whom do you want to write?

When the target audience is defined, we begin to study it and draw a mind map.

Let's say we like the audience of women 30+, and we want to conduct an intagram-blog for them. What problems can these women have? What can excite them?

Well, for example, they may be concerned about the problem of marriage and loneliness. They can also be worried about the combination of a career and a family. They can also be worried about the issue of raising children. Still they can be excited by creative realization and search of the spiritual self. They can also worry a lot, a lot.

Next, we take each of these problems and estimate, the disclosure of which topics would help these women solve their problem.

For example, in the topic of unmarried, you can write about where to look for men. You can write how to behave on dates. You can write about how to respond to tactless questions. You can write how to have a child without a man. And much, much more.

As a result of the work done, you will have not only the topic of the account, but also several topics for publications.

That's it. Now you have the account topic and work plan for the near future. I hope, soon we will see another popular instagram-account and a new interesting blogger.

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