Instagram promotion Myths

Social networks have their own life cycles and peaks of popularity. In the recent years close attention of bloggers, SMM-users, and their clients is turned to Instagram, which has suddenly turned from a photo sharing application into a popular blog platform for many. Not having an account on Instagram has somehow become insolent.

Business media is filled with examples of successful promotion cases, and Instagram has found its "gold mine". Demand creates proposal, and soon after the first blocks of articles by SMM-experts, there were opened schools, teaching how to progress on Instagram,

However, in the digital marketing world, new tendencies are quickly becoming massive, bore the public, start annoying it and dramatically lose their effectiveness. So do not be surprised if the impact of using the tool proposed in a smart article or training program of one of the schools will prove to be weak, if not completely zero.

Some SMM specialists carry out surveys in their private accounts about what annoys their subscribers in the behavior of users of this social network. The results turn out to be surprising, for some of the answers contradict they literally did and advised the other day. And if users are getting annoyed, they quickly unsubscribe.

So, let's dispel the myths about tools that work and those which no longer work, and let’s think about possible alternatives. It does not matter what the purpose of the campaign is - to communicate and to expand interaction, to build a personal brand, to sell products or services directly through an account or to attract additional traffic to the website, detonators of subscribers' dissatisfaction are the same.

Myth # 1:

SFS, Liketimes, and Giveaways work great, and effectively increase the number of subscribers

SFS - Shout Out for Shout Out (exchange mentions in accounts).

Giveaway - gifts for reposts with the mention of the account.

As a matter of fact:

Users are enraged by the mechanics of SFS and the behavior of those who conduct them. Do not do this.

  • Some mask the desire to attract new subscribers with phrases like "to get to know each other more closely." Do not hold the readers for fools, cheating is sensed by them immediately, and even if there are no comments revealing it, this does not mean that everyone feels fine with it.
  • Some make a collage of 4-9 photos with the signature ‘tap & follow’ or ‘click and enjoy’, which upsets both the participant and the reader when the blogger, who started SFS did not bother to give a written justification why these profiles are good.
  • Some post the results for a couple of hours and immediately demolish them; it looks impolite towards the participants. Some subscribers may not have had time to look at a potentially interesting profile for a second.
  • Some arrange circular giveaways, sfs, and liktaymy, when a user needs to subscribe to several profiles and write comments to 2-3 friends.
  • Some conduct lotteries with the promise of doubtful gifts for advertising a profile like a typical postcard.

Well, you may say there are a lot of people who keep on taking part in those. Yes, those who recently came to Instagram and have not ‘played enough’ or those who use any chance to attract attention to their account still do it.

Alternative way:

Mutual advertising with bloggers, broadcasting to the same target audience. To overcome fear of addressing people directly, try to start with those who have less audience than you. Tell a sincere story about the relationship with the owner of the account, even if they are limited only to the virtual space, and ask them to do the same.

Think of the mechanics of spreading the information through your profile: organize marathons, joint projects, offer yourself as an author to a popular public page. Yes, it takes more time and effort, but it looks organic and works.

Myth # 2:

Visual consistency of the account is the key to success

Instagram bloggers love the word "atmospheric", this means the unity of the color palette, the subject, the form, the color, and the plot. Beginners are offered to process photos with the same filter.

As a matter of fact:

"Sleek" accounts, where the whole gallery is kept in one style and with no special meaning are annoying. Users vote for a "live" photo and an element of surprise when watching a tape.

When newcomers hear the advice "to process photos with the same filter” from SMM experts, they quite seriously choose one of the free VSCO filters and apply all it to all the photos indiscriminately. It turns out to work bad. Professional photographers hold a color palette in their heads, and the filter is selected based on the features of the object and shooting conditions.

Alternative way:

Communicate with famous photographers or at least glance through their portfolio. You will see that individuality and recognizability are developed with time, and that they are manifested not only in a single color palette, but also in details that are not noticeable to the average person.

If you have a commercial account and you hire a photographer, ask him or her to come up with a visual concept for your company.

Myth # 3:

The picture is important on Instagram, the signature plays a supporting role, and no one reads a long text

As a matter of fact:

The text on Instagram at the moment is not of lesser importance than the photo. Even people who love to post selfies only look way better if their pictures are accompanied with meaningful signatures. Remember that spelling, stylistic or punctuation mistakes, the use of provocative phrases and questions will spoil the impression even from the most artistic photo.

Alternative way:

Improve the skills of the copywriter or hire a specialist. If a beautiful photo has an inspiring signature, the effect will pleasantly please you. If the photos still leave much to be desired, expect the results accordingly.

Myth # 4:

You need to post often, so that you are not forgotten in any way

As a matter of fact:

Users do not want to see more than 3 posts from one account per day. They are irritated by empty posts like a standard cup of coffee and a good morning / day / Friday / weekend wishes. These are the pictures for "inflating" the content.

Alternative way:

The number of subscriptions grows, users do not have time to read all posts and periodically delete profiles of questionable information value. In order not to disappear from the subscribers' tape in this manner, stick to the principle "lesser is better".

One post a day is enough, but if one day there is nothing meaningful to share, then keep silent and come back with a really outstanding content. Let users have a feeling that they are afraid to miss something interesting from you.

What does it mean?

Any replicated marketing move is an open secret. It worked only for those who discovered it and for its first followers. Most likely, by the time you have discovered it as well, the action has already ended. Put yourself in the subscriber's place, come up with your solutions, test them and draw conclusions.

If you are doubtful about some actions on your account, Leogram experts will always be there to help you.

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