5 tips on how to run a successful Facebook competition

You’ve probably noticed a huge number of contests happening of Facebook and Instagram lately, but did you ever think that you might need to join in? It seems like a pretty decent idea, but where do you start, how do you pick a gift and how do you make sure that you’ll get the most of it without spending too much money? We’re here to answer these questions and to give you sort of a ‘Facebook contest how to’.

Figure out what your audience is to get the best Facebook contest results

One of the best Facebook contest tips here is to use Facebook’s own tool called Facebook’s Page Insights. Using this service allows you to know all demographic information about people visiting your page, how they get to your page in the first place, and how they are engaging with your posts. Other Facebook contest tools with similar functions include Google Analytics, which lets you see data regarding your page showing up in Google search results. Becoming proficient with these Facebook contest tools is essential for successful Facebook contest promotions.

Offer a compelling prize as a part of Facebook contest best practices

While it’s easy to decide that you’ll give away an iPhone because everyone loves them and if the winner doesn’t need a new phone, he can easily sell it, you might not want to rush this decision. This is because while value is important, people probably follow you because they love your product or yourself as a brand. Therefore, getting a personalized, thoughtful product is much more pleasant for a contestant. Another way to go in Facebook contest design is to offer a range of prize options, allowing the winner to pick one he or she needs or wants the most. Most popular options include vehicles, cash rent money, gift cards, and trips.

Ensure that your entry page is mobile-friendly to run a successful Facebook contest

For a while now Google and other search engines have been factoring in how friendly to smartphones and tablets a website is when determining on which place it should show up in a search. Plus, over a half of all internet browsing is done on tablets and phones nowadays, so making sure that your page looks good on those devices is more crucial than ever. Using a Facebook contest app for pages can help if you don’t have a large budget for web design.

Most effective Facebook contests use promotional tools during the entire campaign

If you think you can just use one of the best Facebook contest apps out there to launch your campaign and forget about it, you couldn’t be more wrong – this is why so many contests fail to bring pages new likes and followers. For your contest to be successful, aggressively promote the contest on your own page by creating posts and countdowns with interesting links and eye-catching photos. If your following is already quite large, set up a separate page on Facebook just conducting contest. Having your posts shared by other users and pages can help you grow followers, so it might be a good idea to partner with other businesses for cross-promotion.

Use other marketing tools for even greater audience involvement

The pool of your possibilities here is endless: buy advertisements on other websites, use short commercials on local TV channels and radio, promote on other social media, or give out flyers.

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