4 tips for using gift cards for business promotions

Gift cards are great to use as prizes in social media giveaways and contests because they give people a chance to try your product, bring additional revenue and increase brand awareness. A recent study shows that 72 percent of customers end up paying more than the gift card amount, with the average purchase being 20 percent more expensive than the value of the gift card, so good gift card advertising ideas can really help your business bloom. Plus, people are much more likely to buy a product full price if they are paying with a gift card. Here are 4 gift certificate promotion ideas:

1. Let your audience know how much they can expect to win when you offer gift cards

You certainly don’t want the contestants to build up their expectations and then be disappointed once they win. If you don’t show the gift card amount, the future winner may build it up in his head and then end up unhappy with the sum, this can cost you at least one customer, and in the worst case scenario, if the winner is very vocal about his disappointment, you can lose hundreds of customers and get a lot of bad publicity. Whether they are small giveaway gifts, or large, be honest and open about the amount.

2. The amount is crucial to marketing gift cards as prizes

Maybe a few decades ago customers seeked out best $5 gift cards, but today a lot has changed. Let’s be honest, you can’t buy almost anything with that sum, and many people might not want to make up the difference between the price and the value of your gift card out of their pockets. When people win gift cards, it’s best if they can afford to get a nice sample of the product with that amount. A good example of a gift voucher giveaway would be when you win restaurant gift cards for an amount that is enough to cover one meal for a couple and then have some money left over. That way the winners will be much more likely to come back to the restaurant again and spend money in addition to the sum left over on the card.

3. Genious ideas for giving multiple gift cards

Giving away gift cards regularly, say, every week or month, or even holding a running promotion when you accept entries for the contest all the time, but giving an opportunity to win gift vouchers only once a month can not only bring new customers and additional revenue, but also help you to grow your email list, which is the first step in building your customers’ loyalty. This hidden advantage is not something you find in your average gift card blog.

4. Best gift certificate ideas have a follow-up strategy

No one likes to lose, so one of the best social media giveaway ideas and gift certificate advertising ideas is to give prizes to losers. Business giveaway gifts for those who don’t get the main prize can be smaller gift cards for every contestant, free small product samples or just a 10% discount. All of these can be enough to get customers to come in and start buying even if they don’t win free shopping vouchers.

Now that you know how to offer gift cards for your business, it’s time to come up with the winning certificate wording and give your customers an opportunity to win free gift card prizes. And if you want to know how to win gift cards for free, it’s a numbers game, so enter a bunch of contests and wait, there are no better ways to win gift cards.

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