New Instagram features in 2018

Instagram is probably the only app that constantly adds new features. It is a great way to develop your creativity, but it is even more important for businesses to stay updated on new features to run their accounts with the most success.

Think that it’s too much? We’ve got you! Below you can find top 2018 Instagram features you may need for the business:

Instagram API Changes

maxAlongside with the fun part, it is necessary to talk about the API changes. In 2018 Facebook and Instagram came up with API changes to ensure the best security of users’ data. Look what the major changes came with new Instagram’s API:

  • Instagram bots don’t exist anymore. All the bots for mass following, liking, etc. should have stopped working.
  • Companies can no longer see what posts you like, so all the shopping apps can’t determine your preferences just by looking through Instagram activity.
  • Now you can’t post or delete any comments from anywhere, but your personal account.

If you don’t want to see someone’s posts, but are not willing to unfollow, use the “mute” function. With it you will be totally in charge of the content in your feed. The muting feature will help you to keep both high quality content of your feed and your friendships.

Add Username and Hashtag Links to Your Instagram Bio

marwHyperlinks of your username or hashtags in the Instagram bio is a reality. Put “#” or “@” in your bio in front of a hashtag and it will become a clickable link. Note that those hashtags in bio will not be useful for searches, so it’s better to put your own hashtag in bio of your Instagram account.

Time-Spent Usage Insights

httpInstagram cares not only about changing the external features of the app, but also users’ well-being and safety. A new option called “time spent” feature” tracks the amount of time people spend on Instagram. It is very helpful option to control how much time are you on the social apps to keep it healthy and safe for both your mental and physical health.

Anti-Bullying Filters

5af16dAnother feature for users safety is anti-bullying filters. F8 Conference reported that in the nearest future Instagram will ban and hide accounts with content that contains harassment, bullying or any other violance towards others.

The app is also launching a special filter that will monitor and delete comments that contain attack speeches or threats.

Every New Instagram Feature on Instagram Stories

  • insType Mode & New Fonts

With a big new variety of fonts, you can now let your creativity flow to come up with unique and memorable stories!

Business accounts can use this feature to draw attention to important updates like sales, events or coupons.

  • Focus Portrait-Mode Camera

Making professional-looking portraits is easy now even if you don’t have special equipment for that.

Instagram’s new option “Focus” is located near Boomerang and Superzoom features. When using this feature, the face of the person will be in focus, and the background will be smudged, making a picture look very professional and of the highest quality.

  • Repost Instagram Stories

Earlier users were able to repost any posts they like, but not stories. Now you can repost any story you are tagged in with one click. The button will pop out in your Instagram DMs when someone tags you in their stories. You can either repost it the same way or make some cool edits.

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