Leogram update from 22.10.18

Here is the list of the new update features  which will take effect after the update of 10.22.18.

The balance:

  • The balance is general from now for all your accounts. If you buy some days, all your accounts will work at the same time, and each account will spend 1 day every day.
  • Balance transfer option was deleted;
  • The history of payments is now shows operations for all your accounts at one place;
  • You can see your current balance in the left menu or on the Billing details page;

The Account Freezing feature:

If you don’t want any your account to spend days (for example, you temporarily don’t want to promote it or spend your time to watch for its promotion), you can freeze it for as long as you want. All your targeting settings, the diagnostics data and the unfollows queue will be saved even in 30 days after your general balance expiration date. After defrosting your account will work as before.

The feature is available on the Settings section in your Personal Cabinet.

The service costs 1 day for one account. Pay attention: there is no refund for it.


If you have any questions, fill free to ask our support team:  https://leogram.com/en/profile/bug-report

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