What is "Ghost block" and how to get rid of it

ghost-free-download-pngYour Leogram account is "Ghost blocked" when you see that your Leogram account status is "Working", but in fact Leogram is not doing Follows, Unfollows, Likes and comments. The problem can affect all actions at the same time. Leogram can also show "Simulation of a real person" on the Diagnostics page. It happens because a few weeks ago Instagram updated their system, so we need to adapt to their new rules.

 We have just released the first version of the solution. If your account is affected by the issue, you will see a message on the top of your personal office on Leogram and on the diagnostics page about how to fix it.

The solution is 1-click button. But AFTER you click on it, there can be 3 cases:
  1. Your actions simply contunue working, and you don't need to do anything else;
  2. Instagram resets your password. In this case you need to simply create the new one, and after that your Leogram actions continue working;
  3. Instagram asks to verify your account. In this case please use our Special Android/iOS verificaiton app. After that your Leogram actions continue working.

If it doesn't help, contact us using the bug-report page or send us an email to support@leogram.com

Please NOTE: this is BETA version of the solution. We are currently testing it, so something may not work. We will be apreciate for any your feedback!

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