Setup Guide

Step 1. Account adding
You have already registered; now connect your account with the service. This can be done in the profile section. Please enter a valid username and password of your... Read next
Step 2. Targeting setup
Leogram looks for publications in the social network and performs actions. Publications are posts, photos or videos. Actions are likes, comments, follows and unfollows. It... Read next
Step 3. Actions
The service knows how to like, comment, follow and unfollow. Select the actions that you need. An important recommendation for new accounts on the social network: If... Read next
Step 4. Filters
Leogram is already working, liking, commenting, etc. Everything is cool, but sometimes you get accounts which sell something like you, or accounts of users who do... Read next
Step 5. Account management
You can promote several accounts in one personal account. There is no need to register several times and switch between accouts. To add an additional account,... Read next