What are our limitations and what do you pay for?

Instagram, like an any other platform, wants to protect itself against all sorts of attacks and cheating. It cannot be said that Instagram is very strict and does not give any chance to companies like ours, but there are restrictions and it is all published in the public domain on the official website.

Unfortunately, not everything is limited only by these limits, and for the first time the account will have to be promoted fairly accurately – to allow Instagram to get used to such activity from this account. Our task is to make the system work within this framework with the maximum efficiency for you.

That's why you pay us not for the number of likes, comments or follows, but for the days that our system will work on given parameters. And that's why, running the account promotion company, you should not perform any actions to accidentally exceed the existing limits on follows / likes / comments.

We also recommend you to pay attention to our Instagram account security advices.

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