Step 2. Targeting setup

Leogram looks for publications in the social network and performs actions. Publications are posts, photos or videos. Actions are likes, comments, follows and unfollows.

It is necessary to specify exactly how Leogram should look for such publications – by location, hashtags or followers of competitive Instagram profiles.


Location exists to let user of the network view publications made in a certain place. It is most often used by commercial and non-profit institutions, for example, restaurants and museums.

Specify the places visited by people who may be interested in what you are selling or doing. Do you sell premium segment products? Point out the expensive restaurants. Do you offer photo and video services? Enter the studio, film sets and restaurants. Leogram will like and comment on publications made in the specified place, and follow the authors of these publications.

In your account management, on the Targeting page, go to the Location tab. Enter the name of the place, for example ‘Whitehouse’ or specify a link to the publication, which is made in the place of your interest. A few seconds later Leogram will display the found locations. Add places of interest by clicking on the "Add" button.


Heshtags exist to search for photos on a given theme. For example, with the hashtag #NY we will see all publications which was made in this city, and with the hashtag #children – the publication of every mother from all over the world who use English. Leogram uses hashtags as a source of publication search. Specify a hashtag associated with the city or theme of interest to let Leogram like and comment on publications with this hashtag and follow the authors of these publications. Remember: targetings don't influence to each other. If you want to see only NY mothers posts, don't put both #NY and #Mother. Use Locations/places, where NY mothers can be.

Go to the "Targeting" page in your account. In the Hashtags tab, specify the desired hashtags and click on the "add" button.


This is an Instagram page belonging to ordinary users or companies. Usually these are your competitors.

Go to the "Targeting" page in your account. In the the Accounts tab specify the accounts for which people are subscribed, and who may be interested in what you are selling or doing. Specify the accounts of competitors to let Leogram like, comment on publications and follow the subscribers of these competitors. To increase the coverage, also specify the accounts associated with your city (for example: NY has @newyork) and accounts with similar subjects, for example if you advertise your own gym, specify the accounts of bodybuilders and sports clubs.


Q: Do targetings influence to each other? Can I filter audience I get from Hashtags with the help of Locations?
A: Tartetings don't influence to each other. If you want to get audience only from needed location, don't use Hashtags and Accounts. Use Locations to get only relevant audience.

Q: Targetings are indicated, but nothing happens
A: After adding targetings, it takes time for Leogram to begin collecting the publications. If there is the only source, the collection will begin within 10 minutes.

Q: How does Leogram decides which source to take next in to work?
A: The choice of the next source for the publications collection is made in order. All search sources will be used.

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