Step 4. Filters

Leogram is already working, liking, commenting, etc. Everything is cool, but sometimes you get accounts which sell something like you, or accounts of users who do not speak English. To prohibit Leogram to work with such accounts, configure filters.

Attention! The more filters used, the slower Leogram works: amount of likes, comments, and follows can be less than usual.

Amount of likes

This filter needs to prevent Leogram from work with popular publications. The publication has more than 500 likes? It is unlikely that its author will pay attention to one more like. Filter these publications by setting the desired value for this filter.

Amount of actions per user

What should Leogram do if it repeatedly stumbles on the publication of the same user? Set the value to "1" to prevent Leogram from making more than one action to the each published post of such a user.

Don't work with a media older than

Filter the publications which were added more than six months ago. Most likely the authors of such publications are no longer active and will not pay attention to your likes, comments or follows.


It is the way to limit an audience to only those users who speak a particular language. Set the value of "English" to prevent Leogram work with profiles speaking other languages.

Unfollow from

Specify in this filter from whom exactly its necessary to unfollow the promoted account. You can unfollow from all followings or only from those that made Leogram.

Hashtag blacklist

Leogram will filter the publication if it finds one of the hashtags you specify, and will not be laughed, commented, or follow.

User blacklist

Leogram will not be like, comment and follow the publications of the users specified here.


Leogram will not like, comment and follow the profiles of publications, in whose descriptions it find one of the specified words.

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